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26 July 2010 @ 05:40 pm
More of Torchwood America  
Hi all!  Just got back yesterday from a vacation in Tennessee and it was lovely!  Here's the first chapter of Arc 2 of "Torchwood America".

Title: Torchwood America
Rating: M/R
Genre: Slash, drama, angst with a dash of humor

Full Summary: Five years post "Children of Earth". Torchwood, several years back, went global. One based in North America is about to change. A former Torchwood Cardiff employee, though to be dead for years, is transferred there. They all have to adapt to the new situation. Two people, ravaged by life and personal tragedies, begin a romantic relationship. However, there is danger. Someone wants Jason Monroe out of the way. There is a conspiracy afoot. The American team is eventually forced to work with other Cardiff employees as they attempt to stop a madman from destroying everything. Along the way they all learn some horrible truths about manipulation, love and trust. And three individuals learn the hard way that the path to true love is littered with hardships and doesn't always have a happy ending.


Chapter 12a
Chapter 12b

If the links don't work, let me know.  Thanks!


Also, I'm new to the whole LJ master list thing so until I figure out how to do it with out a HUGE post, email me if you need the whole list.