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Codename: Victory - Epilogue

Title: Codename: Victory
Author: moonfirefic
Beta: sparking_off
Rating: PG-13, leaning towards R for some sexual references.
Characters: Ianto, Jack, Rhiannon, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, Rhys, Martha, The Doctor (10th), John Hart, The Master, Others
Spoilers: Starts beginning of TW season 1 and DW season 3
Summary: Ianto Jones has been searching for information about who he is his entire life. Canary Wharf gave him some answers and a whole new set of questions.
Disclaimer: BBC drew them, I just like to color outside their lines.

Wow. It's finished. Thanks to all of you who embraced this fic and this universe. There weren't many winged Ianto fics out there, and since this was my first foray into this fandom, I am humbled that you liked it. Special shout outs to iantosgal  and milady_dragon  for cheerleading me on with their posts. The sequel will be later on this Fall after a few other fics in the works are finished.

Many thanks to the fabulous sparking_off for beta-ing. Any mistakes left are all mine.

Story Starts Here


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