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Fic: The Roots of the Quadratic (Complete)

Title: The Roots of the Quadratic (6-8 of 8)
Author: nancybrown
Fandoms: Torchwood, Doctor Who
Characters: Ianto, Jack, Alice, Jenny, John Hart, OCs
Rating: R
Beta/Britpick: queenfanfiction, wynkat1313, temporal_witch, and fide_et_spe had a hand in fixing this. All remaining mistakes are mine alone.
Spoilers: up through CoE, one spoiler for "End of Time," one spoiler for Bay of the Dead
Warnings: character death, angst, child endangerment, mentions of sexual coercion, violence, timey-wimey temporal physics, and of course, Captain Bad Touch rides again
Words: 46,000
Summary: Jack and Ianto discover they can only outrun old sins for so long.
Notes: This story is the direct sequel to "Intersecting Geodesics," and also the sequel to a much shorter story called "In My Unique Position." Familiarity with both stories is suggested but not required.

Chapter Six
Chapter Seven

Also: fanart! Go see in_the_bottle's gorgeous work here, and matsujo9's TWO wonderful pieces here. (Spoilers for the story.)
Tags: fanfic

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