phoenixclara (kiraclara) wrote in jackxianto,

The Past Always Bites Back (4/?)

Title: The Past Always Bites Back (4/?)
Rating: PG-13, for the swearing
Warnings: Bad language.
Spoilers: Basically taking parts from Torchwood and putting them here. No spoilers for Doctor Who.
Disclaimer: Belongs to the producers (BBC Wales), the creators (Russell T. Davies). This has been written for fun and not for profit.
Author's Notes: Okay I have to take a break from posting for about three weeks, so about the first week in September is when I'll start posting again. Thanks to all who have been commenting, its been a great confidence booster.
Beta: None yet but I would like one.
Comments: It's amazing. This chapter was the beginning of it all and the hardest chapter to write. Kept going back and forth on the last parts.

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