helenscho (helenscho) wrote in jackxianto,

Comment at Starz

Hi all. If anyone would like to make their feelings about the new series of Torchwood known to Starz, please pop over here:


But be warned. It's getting pretty vicious over there between the pro-TW4 people and the Save Ianto people. Ok, I'm definitely an SIJ person but you don't have to like us or the campaign to agree that what Crusty is doing to Torchwood is criminal. Perhaps if enough people tell Starz exactly what we think of TW4, something might change! If we don't try, we'll never know. Thanks. :)

EDIT: Thanks guys! Since I posted this last night, membership of the Facebook page has jumped by about 200 members. And there's lots of new faces there now politely asking Starz to reconsider some aspects of TW4 and the return of Ianto. :)

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