jantoforever21 (jantoforever21) wrote in jackxianto,

I went looking at the BBC website, to find COE pictures so I could use them for something, but there was no longer access to (any, I believe) of the gallery pictures (except in small form). So, I was wondering if anyone still has saved the original-size versions (around 1000px by 1000 or something). I also spent awhile searching Google and such, but couldn't find anything. The pictures I am looking for are (descriptions):  1. Ianto in the air with one of those really big machine guns and  2. Jack (side-on) with a small black handgun (for this one either the one with Jack with the 'wall' behind him, or the one with his head turned to the right will work, although the former is the primary one I'm looking for)   Thanks, once again in advance.

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