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Series: A sweet and tender hooligan
Author: Vulcanluver
Fandom: Torchwood
Summary: “Too much bloody running! Its all we ever do!" "In between saving the universe and all of creation of course."
Chapters: 1/?
Rating: Eventually T
Disclaimer: Uh yeah… I’m pretty sure its not mine,
Author’s note: AU. Sequel to Don't you want to be on the good side for once?,


“Open the door!” John shouted at the Doctor.

“I’m trying. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon.” He hit at the control panel as he tried using his sonic screwdriver. “It’s not working!”

“I see that. Try harder.”

The control panel suddenly sparked and started steaming.

John looked at the Doctor. “What did you do?”

“That wasn’t me.” He looked at the control panel. “They must have broken it from the otherside. We can’t get through this door.”

“Do you think it was them to stop us from trying to rescue Ianto, or Ianto trying to protect us?”

The Doctor shot him a look, “does it matter? We’re not getting through either way.”

“I just want to know who to kill when we finally rescue the idiot.”


Ianto looked at the smoking control panel that the guard had shot. “That was either a really bad shot, because I’m all the way over here. And I was surrendering. Or you’re stupid, because now they’re going to get away.”

The guard growled but lowered his weapon.

“Not that I’m objecting to either. But they are going to blame me for that, again, and give me another lecture about being needlessly heroic, again. And once John gets going on that subject he just doesn’t st-“

“You’re coming with us.” What looked to be the leader snapped out.

“I kind of figured.” Ianto nodded as two guards moved forward and took hold of his arms and started to move him roughly forwards.

As they walked down the corridors, Ianto grew increasingly uneasy, this wasn’t the way they came and from he remembered from the schematics the cells had been that way. “So we’re going to see the boss first, huh. I get to hear the bad guy speech about how now I’m done for and all that. Those get really boring you know. Heard them all.” Ianto chatted nervously.

The leader looked back at him, “The master will be pleased to see you.”

“Really no need. I could probably give you a pretty good paraphrase of the speech right now if you like. Or we could go straight to the cells now and skip all that. Probably safer for you lot anyway.” The guards pushed open a set of old fashioned mahogany doors that were quite out of place with the rest of the modern décor and led him into a very posh looking office. “The bad guy speeches are always when the heroes burst in and save the day. Happens in all the movies that way. And clichés really are the most embarrassing way to go.”

“How true that is, Mr. Jones.” A strangely familiar voice said from behind him.

The guards released him and he quickly turned around. He was stunned by who he saw.

“Prime Minister Saxon?”

The man in front of him laughed. “No. From now on you are to call me Master.”

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