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Series: A sweet and tender hooligan
Author: Vulcanluver
Fandom: Torchwood
Summary: “Too much bloody running! Its all we ever do!" "In between saving the universe and all of creation of course."
Chapters: 2/?
Rating: Eventually T
Disclaimer: Uh yeah… I’m pretty sure its not mine,
Author’s note: AU. Sequel to Don't you want to be on the good side for once?,

Chapter 1

“Please sit down Ianto. It is alright that I call you Ianto, right?”

One of the guards guided Ianto to one of the large high backed wooden chairs by the desk making him sit, and handcuffed his arms to the chair. “You died when the American president was assassinated.”

The Master frowned. “You mean Jack never told you about what happened that year?” He sighed. “That’s such a shame. You screamed so prettily then.”

“I don’t recall ever screaming at you Mr. Saxon whilst we were on the pho-“

The Master smacked him. “I said call me Master.”


The Master grabbed him by the throat, “You will call me Master.” His eyes softened and he stroked Ianto’s cheek with his other hand. “Oh, you used to scream so prettily. The way those welsh vowels would fall off your tongue when you begged… exquisite.” He released Ianto’s throat. “I just can’t wait to hear them again.”

“You’re mad.” Ianto coughed.

The Master leaned back on his desk. “No. Actually I’m quite happy.”

“My friends escaped.” Ianto pointed out.

“Oh we both know they aren’t going to leave you. You inspire a lot of love and devotion. Quite a pain in my ass when you were leading the resistance. But it was oh so useful on Jack. Where is the freak anyway?”

“Traveling I suppose. He never was one to settle down for long.”

“But not with you or the Doctor.” The Master smiled gleefully. “Did you leave him?”

Ianto smiled back wearily. “It’s complicated. See, I’m dead.”

“I’ve heard that one before.”

“I’m sure.”

“He cried over your body. I think for all the times I killed him, that was when he actually died. Until he broke my machine and everything went back to happily ever after.”

“I wish I knew what you were talking about.”

“Don’t worry.” The Master patted Ianto’s cheek. “I’ll remind you.” He looked at the door. “My bad guy speech is over and your heroes never came.”

“That’s because your bad guy speech wasn’t very good. You were supposed to tell me all you have planned and how we never have a chance to stop you. You know, stuff like that. Like a proper villain.”

The Master smirked. “I’ve never been one for being proper.”
Ianto looked him up and down.“I can tell. Really, did you think that tie was a good choice?”
The Master frowned at it. “Lucy gave it to me after we burned Japan.”

“Well Mam would give me Christmas sweaters but that doesn’t mean I should wear them in public.”
“Hmm… “ He removed the tie. “I’ll defer to your judgment then.” He took Ianto’s tie off. “Mind if I take yours? Need to look professional in front of the lackeys. You understand.” He put it on himself and stepped back for Ianto to se him better. “Better?”


“Good.” He picked a knife up off of his desk. He smiled and knelt in front of Ianto again. He ran the tip of the knife lightly across Ianto’s cheek, enjoying the involuntary wince he gave. “Well we should get started then on the fun.”

“There’s some sort of block in place. I can’t get the TARDIS to move past that wall. I can’t get into that section of the compound.” The Doctor glared at the screen.

“Same with my wristband.” John banged on the console. “What are we going to do?”

“Air ducts!” The Doctor pointed at the schematics he’d pulled up of the building. “Here, this one leads straight to the cells. Pop in, pop out with Ianto, and then we leave.”

John frowned. “I’m all for leaving, but we never found out who was behind this corporation.”

“All of this was too easy. I’m getting a bad feeling about this adventure.”

“Easy?” John raised an eyebrow. “Ianto and I had to wear tights.”

“You weren’t complaining at the time.”

John smiled. “Well… Ianto was wearing tights.”

The Doctor shook his head. “Something else is going on here. And for once instead of wanting to find out what it is, every fiber in my being is screaming at me to run away. And I think that I’m going to listen.”

“That’s really not like you.”

“I mean… super well funded multi-world corporation decides to gas the planet that they happen to have their headquarters on to kill all life forms. Bad planning first of all. And don’t get me started on how easy it was to break into their super secret underground base.” He raised a hand when John opened his mouth. “I know, I know. You had to wear tights for part of it. But it was practically child’s play. Security is tighter in 21st century airports than it was here.”

“I’ll have you know, 21st century airports are a bitch get through.”

“Some one wanted us to get here.”


The Doctor shot him a look. “If I knew that we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.”

“Right, that was a stupid question.” John conceded. “Alright. So air ducts.”

“Right.” They exited the TARDIS and started heading to the entrance of the air duct.

John sighed. “Ianto is so much trouble isn’t he.”

The Doctor shook his head in amusement. “Doesn’t get in half as much trouble as you though.”

“Look who’s talking, Mr. I’ve got piss off every potentially dangerous alien or English queen.”

“Oi. I- I…” The Doctor glared at John. “Oh shut up.”

“Half an hour is up. I think that’s enough fun for the first day, don’t you?” The Master stroked Ianto’s hair. Ianto didn’t answer, just looked at him warily. “Do you think the Doctor is going to cry over you like the freak did?” He chuckled. “How do you think the freak is going to react if he sees you now? I wonder if he still remembers you. Would he come here to ‘rescue’ you now if he found out you were still alive.” A guard walked in carrying what looked to be a camera. “Lets find out shall we?” He kneeled down to be on Ianto’s level and put his head next his, forcing Ianto to look up at the camera. “Smile.”

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