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Come Rain or Come Shine - A Schmoop Story for Ianto's Birthday!

Author: Aviv_b
Fandom:  Torchwood
Schmoop:  Love Song
Title: Come Rain or Come Shine
Words: 2290
Rating: R
Characters:  Jack/Ianto, Tosh, Ianto's family 
Disclaimer: Not mine; Aunty B's and RTD's
Warnings: Refers to canon events but not canon timeline.
Summary: What was really going on in Jack's office when Gwen saw them together in "Without Love?"
A/N:  This story parallels the events in my schmoop bingo story Without Love: http://aviv-b.livejournal.com/60425.html.
You don't have to have read this to understand the story, but you really should, cause its fllled with schmoopy goodness...not to mention two bitchin' videos.

Happy Birthday Ianto - this songs for you:  http://aviv-b.livejournal.com/60677.html
Tags: fanfic:oneshot, fanfic:r

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