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Seven Times Jack Shagged Ianto Silly - links post

Title: Seven Times Jack Shagged Ianto Silly
Authors: see below
Rating: NC17
Summary: The tw_gleeclub was goofing around one day, as we do, and the idea for a Listfic was born. This piece is really 7 possibly unrelated pieces written by people united under the banner of Jack/Ianto smut. What's not to like?

1. The First Time, by remuslives123

2. The Second Time: chamilet

3. The Sixth Time (hey, you can't get it right all the time), by heddychaa

4. After he removed that silly stopwatch from Ianto's hands, with his teeth, and proceeded to show what else he could do with his mouth, by alafaye

5. After Jack returned from his trip with The Doctor. That hotel had two big beds, and they completely befouled the sheets on both of them. They left a really big tip for housekeeping; they're not savages, by sanginmychains

6. When the Aliens Made THem Do It (but no one made Tosh watch, strictly speaking), by blackbird_song

7. Actually there totally was time after the beans and before anything else happened. They just had to get creative, by rm

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