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31 August 2010 @ 05:02 pm
Aftermath (2/2)  

Title: Aftermath (2/2)

Author: welsh_scotsman

Author’s notes: I didn’t like the end of Day Two. I thought it had great potential for some Jantoness. Unfortunately, he who must not be named thought differently. Whilst this is canon compliant, the ending allows room for ambiguity for those who live in Denialsville. Written over a year ago but dug out for chamilet who wanted h/c with Ianto doing the comforting, Next part will be posted tomorrow.

Summary: In the aftermath of Day Two, Jack needs a hug; Ianto’s only too happy to oblige. AU ending of Day Two.

Pairing: Janto

Spoilers: C of E

Warning: None

Rating: PG part one part two