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And You Won't Listen To Me

pairing: jack/ianto
rating: pg (foul language)
disclaimer: unfortunately, the only part of this story i own is the plot. all the characters belong to the BBC and RTD. the song 'Making Sound' belongs to Blue Gillespie and GDL.
notes: i had 'Making Sound' stuck in my head for days. this story is the product of that stick. set sometime between the dalek in the time lock and the arrival of the 456.

And you won’t listen to me.....

    Jack carefully navigated the dank tunnels of the archives, looking for Ianto. The younger man had gone to do filing, promising to return in time to feed Myfanwy. Her feeding time had come and gone almost an hour ago. It wasn’t like Ianto to forget.
    He heard Ianto long before he saw him, though he didn’t quite believe it was the same man. The lovely Welsh lilt he’d come to love had become an angst-filled growl.
    Then it was quiet for a while. Jack crept close to the door, not daring to go all the way in for fear of walking in on something private that he’d rather not see.
    Ianto started singing again, his voice softer this time, but still hurting. “Sellin my tongue for shame, not quite believin’ this....”
    Jack’s jaw dropped. He stood, half in the doorway, absolutely spell-bound. He hadn’t known Ianto could sing. He’d suspected, since the younger man happened to be Welsh and all, but he’s never imagined this.
    “I find its meaning, my voice is now found. I will make sound,” Ianto sang on, oblivious to his audience.
    ‘Please please keep making that sound Ianto Jones,’ Jack thought, his ears drinking in this new facet of the voice he loved.
    “And you won’t listen to me...”
    “But I am listening,” Jack blurted out. He immediately clapped his hands over his mouth.
    Ianto threw off his headphones and spun toward the doorway. “Jack! how long were you...”
    “Long enough. Your voice is wonderful.” Jack grinned at the younger man.
    Ianto looked flustered, and started for the door. “Jack I... I need to get this filed.”
    Jack caught him as he brushed past. “You’ve been avoiding me for three days. What’s wrong?”
    Ianto looked away. “I just need to get this lot sorted before I’m late feeding Myfanwy.” He tried to break free of the older man’s grip.
    “Gwen’s already fed her. You’re over an hour late,” Jack said softly.
    “Sorry sir, I shan’t forget again.” Ianto’s voice was brusque, and he looked anywhere but at the other man. He was still stinging from events three days previous.
    “What’s wrong? Yan, this isn’t like you.” Jack sighed and released his grip on the younger man’s arm.
    “I’ll just get this lot filed and make a round of coffees.” Ianto started down the tunnel at a pace just shy of a run.
    “Ianto...” Jack sighed, just loud enough for the retreating man to hear.
    “Sir?” Ianto stopped, but didn’t turn.
    “You’ve nothing to file.”
    ‘Shit,’ Ianto thought. “Right. Sorry, sir.” He dug his nails into his palms to brace for his boss’ next comment.
    “Ianto... I’m sorry. I did hear you the other day. I just, I didn’t say anything because I thought... I was afraid I’d hurt you. That, I’d lose you like everyone else I have ever loved.” Jack slowly slid down the wall. “Please just look at me?”
    Ianto slowly turned to face his boss. “You, ignored me?”
    Jack winced at the stricken tone. “It sounds so horrible when you say it like that.” He avoided meeting Ianto’s gaze.
    “You ignored me. Pretended not to hear me because, you were scared?”
     Jack looked up to find the classic slack-jawed, eyes-wide shocked expression cross the other man’s face briefly. “That comes as a surprise to you?”
     “I’m not a bloody mind reader. Honestly, Jack, how would I know what goes on in that ancient, dashing head of yours if you don’t tell me?” He gave the seated man a wink and offered his hand.
     Jack took it, but didn’t use the help it implied to rise from his seat on the ground. “There is always that necklace Tosh got from Mary.” His sly grin belied ulterior motives.
     “I’ve had quite enough strange alien tech experiences with you to last a few lifetimes.” Ianto gave a small laugh. “Anyway, I’d rather hear you say it out loud. So I can watch your eyes when you say it.”
     “Yan... If I tell you, I’ll lose you. I don’t think I can handle that,” Jack whispered.
     Ianto gently forced his love to look him in the eye. “Jack, I love you, and I’m not going anywhere.”
     “Yan, I...” Jack closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. “I love you too. If anything happens to you, I will never forgive myself.”
     Ianto’s only reply was to catch his lips in a bruising kiss.

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