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09 September 2010 @ 10:00 pm
Rosa Mystica: Chapter 6  
Title: Rosa Mystica
Chapter: 6/?
Written by: dancingbarefoot
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Beta: None but if anyone’s interested let me know.
Rating: PG up to R, we’ll see as it goes.

A/N: I’m a Romanov and Royalty buff and so decided to mix that with Torchwood and here we go.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. No copyright infringement is intended and the real folks in this own themselves.
A/N2: Slight timeframe change, the conclave is in 1920 due to my re-checking dates on Prince Louis, aka he died in 1921

2008 – Cardiff

He had had the bright idea at the time to have Jack over for Dinner and some conversation, Jack had decided to go turn on the t.v. in the hope of finding something interesting while Ianto worked on dinner.

Ianto had been in the kitchen when he recognized the opening instrumental of the show that Jack had finally settled on, trying to keep his voice calm as to not let on his distress, he called over his shoulder to Jack, asking him to please turn the show.

It was as if he wasn't heard, the show continuing as Ianto tried to focus on not cutting his hand. Taking a breath, he tried again. "Jack, please could you?"

He lasted ten minutes this time with that piece of his past causing him to remember before he lost it.

“Jack, for the love of god .... turn the fucking television off NOW!”

Jumping at the tone in Ianto’s voice, he reached for the remote and did as bidden. “What the hell Ianto, it’s only a television movie. About your cousin if I’m not mistaken.”

He appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, his arms crossed and his face unmistakable in his signs of stress.

“I don’t want to see the whitewashed version of what was told to the masses as to why my cousin was the way he was. I know what happened, I was there.”

The older man blinked, uncertain as to where this was coming from.

“I ... I wasn’t the only royal child to be taken out of his time and space Jack.”

Ianto came back and sat down beside him. “They told the world the story that he was epileptic and that he had autism. They tried to hide him in the same way my Parents hid the truth of my condition from the world.”

“You were sick.”

“And so was he Jack. John was sick from being taken by the rift. Nothing more.” Ianto got up from the couch and began to pace. “I was 13 and dying Jack. John was only 4.”

Jack shook his head, once again struck by how fickle the rift could be.

“And now you understand why my life is Torchwood now? My family has been through enough thanks to things that are out there. I owe them.”

Jack’s answer was just to gather him up and hold him. “Let’s go for a walk then.”


Suzie’s eyes closed as the feel of phantom fingers stroked over the nape of her neck, his breath against her ear.

“It’s only a little thing, not very much at all. I can give you untold bliss and bring you closer to god. All I need from you is to give yourself to me.”

The fingers drifted lower, cupping her breast through her shirt.

“Give yourself to me and let me take what I want Suzie ...”

She began to struggle, the voice changed from English to a language that she couldn’t recognize. She wasn’t Tosh, with her gift of technology or Ianto with his gifts of language. But this was making her submit, but not fast enough...

“Suzie, are you there?” Owen’s voice came over the com in her other ear, causing the room to change back to as it was, leaving her feeling empty surprisingly.

“I said ARE YOU –“

“I bloody heard you, you lunatic.” She shot back and headed back upstairs, dismissing the whole incident as that of exhaustion and nothing more.


Wood Farm, Norfolk – 1919

The little boy’s hands were over his ears, rocking back and forth as he began to scream, his nanny Charlotte moving back and forth in the nursery taking things down that would or could be used against himself.

“Hush my love, it’ll be okay ... Lalla is here with you sweet lamb.” She crooned as he continued to scream.

Each day was getting worse; the hours at a time he would do this grew more and more longer. The little Prince’s doctors and nanny wondering how much more he could endure this pain, wondering what he had done to have had this happen to him.


Alexander Palace - 1913

“Can’t I have a bicycle?”

Alexei was going through another of his phases. He wanted and wanted but couldn’t stop asking even though they told him no.

“Dear you know you can’t.”

“I want to skate.”

“You know you mustn't.”

The little boy’s face grew more resolute before breaking into tears. “Why can other boys have everything I can’t?”

“You know why my darling.”

The little boy backed away from his mother as she tried to reach for him. “I want to be like other boys, I want to be like Kolya. You never let me do anything!”


Cardiff – 2008

“Anybody seen Suzie?”

Jack came down the stairs from his office and addressed his troops, hoping one of them had an answer at the ready.

“Did you try her comm.?” Tosh called over her shoulder, she had been working at a hiccup on Mainframe for hours.

Owen came out of the hot house. “Is my face red?”

“No.” Ianto replied, distributing coffees to the three of them while waiting for Owen’s punch line, he and Suzie finally going their separate ways a few days before.

“Then she’s not up my arse. If you ask me ...”

Jack glared at Owen. “I haven’t.”


Windsor – 1920

“Let me get this straight, so that I can fully understand. You’re going to *let* them have him?” Irene spoke for Victoria, who was sitting there in shock.

“I have no choice; they’ve been treating him Irene. They know what to do for him.” Louis looked at the acting representative of Torchwood as George spoke and shook his head, turning away and going to the window.

“What do they have on you George?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“They have to have something on you, I mean let’s be honest here shall we? “ Louis spoke honestly, the past two years of learning to live not as a Prince of the Blood, but now as a member of the aristocracy giving him the additional strength to speak up for himself and his family. “It wasn’t like you gave much thought about them, you only thought about your particular line.”

“And you would do anything different?”

“I changed, because I had no choice. When all is said and done, family is family. You protect your own George.”

As the others left for fresher air, George looked at Charles and shook his head, once more the Monarch, the only one left standing once his cousins, Wilhelm and Nicholas ... the Monarchs of Germany and Russia were taken off the chess board of the world of Kings.

“You take care of him, do you understand me Gaskell?" George's voice was like ice as he looked upon the man as if he was not fit for society.

"You failed my son. I’ll be damned if you damage that poor sick boy too. I have his family’s blood on my hands. I don’t want his.”

As Charles left, Queen Mary appeared in the doorway and looked at her husband a moment, her arms crossed over her chest.

“They’ll never understand George, what you’ve done.”

“Do you think I’ll be able to May?” He looked aged as he felt her come to him, her hand slipping into his own. “They didn’t help our Johnnie, they wouldn’t. I have to believe that they’d do something right for Alexei.”

If the monarchs listened to the wind closely, they’d have heard the laughter of two little boys like that day in Cowes, when Alexei and John had played contentedly on the deck of the Romanov's yacht the Standart that bright summer's day so long ago.
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