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An Injury to One - Chapters One and Two Posted

Title: An Injury to One
Author:  sariagray 
Chapter: One &Two 
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, The Doctor (guess which one!), Face of Boe, OC
Rating: PG, if that.
Word Count: ~500 and ~700
Spoilers: CoE. Therefore, the whole series. Some Doctor Who - expect up to the 4th Season.
Warnings: None. Unless timey-wimey is a warning, or do I have to add a *ding*? Also, sort of a fix-it. See below.
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. Oh, but if it did….
Betas: Most sincere thanks and gratitude, again, to lynnmyth23  for being the bestest ever. Any mistakes in here are my own! Feel free to point them out! Or, just point and laugh.
Author’s Note: "One-shot" didn't last long. This is, yes, now a series. A not-really-but-sort-of-fix-it series. It doesn't change anything, just adds on and makes it better. Like a blanket when it's cold. Also remember, feedback=<3

Story begins here:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Tags: fanfic

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