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SUMMARY: Too much alcohol brougth consequences to Ianto.


DISCLAIMER: They don’t belong to my, I like to write about them. I’m not making money with this story.

NOTE: I have three, I love them. Thanks to my friend D, who has become my beta reader, for giving me excellent suggestions.







Ianto and Jack were at the train station, they were embraced tightly. "I'll be back on Monday at work. Take care" said Ianto, Jack didn’t want to release the hug. "You have to be careful. Don’t let any of your former classmates disrespect you." Ianto laughed "Don’t worry, I'm yours, nobody else. Oh, I haven’t gone and I miss you".

Jack finally let him go, "I don’t like the idea you going to that wedding without me, today is just Thursday." Ianto sighed, "But it's my best friend from high school who gets married, I have to go, besides, all my classmates will be there." Jack kissed Ianto passionately, not caring that all the people in the station were looking at them. Ianto blushed deeply, "Jack, I'd better go," Jack kissed him again. 'OK." Ianto  boarded the train and saw Jack through the window until he disappeared.
Once in London, Ianto went to the hotel where everybody was lodge. There he met all his former classmates.
A wild party was waiting. The Hotel bar was very crowd with nousy happy people, his friends were at end of the place as he was aproaching and overpower feeling seizes him, he was very happy to see their old clasmates but at the same time he was nervous, they didnt know about his private life, about Jack, how do they will react. All of them were very happy to see him, he sat and order a drink, the first of this long night.

When he was drinking, his friends began to ask questions. Leo said "Hey, do you have a girlfriend???" Ianto grieved, "Er… no" Angie put her hand on Ianto’s "So you're available," Ianto began to blush "No, I'm not available" and removed his hand. Steff looked at him and asked him jokingly "Or maybe you have a boyfriend???" Ianto turned as red as a stoplight. David, his best friend stared at him "Boyfriend??" Ianto just answered "Yes". Steff laughed "Oh, I knew it. That’s so sweet." Ianto asked them "Are we okay??" David smiled "Of course. Who is he???”, Ianto was relieved "His name is Jack, we work together."


Many drinks later, everybody was quite drunk, Leo challenged  his friends " Let's do the craziest thing that we can.", David agreed “Oh yes, we can`t forget this night”; Angie asked "Like what???" Steff said, "I know exactly what we can do."

The wedding weekend ended and Ianto returned to Cardiff.
On Monday morning, Ianto looked in the mirror. "Goddess, I hope that Jack w’ont be angry. Maybe he likes it… or maybe he doesn’t like what I did. Perhaps Owen can help me. Oh no, of course not , Owen will mock on me.”

Finally, Ianto went to the hub. Jack hugged him tight around the waist. "Ouch" Ianto cried. "I miss you a lot," said Jack, "Me too, Cariad. I thought about you everyday." Tosh and Gwen hugged him tightly and he grimaced in pain. Owen was watching. "What happens, Teaboy, your back is bothering you" Ianto blushed "A little." Jack was worried "Did something happen to you???. Someone hurt you??? Owen can check you." Ianto blushed harder. "What happened?? Jack confronted him. Ianto had to confess “On Thursday, we drank too much, one of my friends suggested that we have to do the craziest thing we could and… I don’t know if you'll like it or not, I think I can remove it...”;  "What?? Jack was impatient.
Ianto bit his lip, the others were looking at him silently, he took off his jacket and turned his back, up his shirt, dropped his pants a little and showed the lower part of his waist.


“Oh my God” cried Tosh. “Shit” said Gwen, they laughed loudly; Owen couldn’t believe what he was seeing “Bloody Hell, Teaboy” and Jack grinned  "That`s definitely a keeper." Tatooed in black letters on a red arrow pointing to his arse they could see…  



Leer fonéticamente


Don't look back got a new direction
I loved you once, needed protection
You're still a part of everything I do
You're on my heart just like a tattoo
Just like a tattoo
I'll always have you




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