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 Title: Watch Over You  
Rating:  PG
Spoilers:  CoE
Summary: Sonfic of  Ianto's thoughts as he lay in Jacks arms on Day 4
Disclaimer:  Jack and Ianto belong to each other.  and less importantly, to RTD and the BBC.  even though neither deserve these wonderful boys. 

Just as a warning, this is my first foray into the world of fanfiction.  it may not be terribly wonderful, but i heard this song, and it just fit too well.

Watch Over You

Also thought I'd share a few pictures.  The first is  from a picture from Torchwood magazine.  I saw it and knew i HAD to draw it.   The second is actually based off of an adorable scene from Just a Mistake.  a wonderful fanfiction from Galadriel1010. 


Just a Mistake

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