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A Time for Family: Masterlist

Title: A Time for Family
Challenge/Fest: Schmoop_Bingo (second card) and Kiss_Bingo (first card)
Rating: T overall
Genre: Fluff fluff fluff and family
Dedication:To[info]anduria_trianys, for being awesome.
Summary: Christmas is a time for family, and Jack and Ianto have let their families slip for too long. After losing Tosh and Owen, they're going to take any opportunity they can to hold onto the people who are important to them.
Contains: Scary levels of fluff, references to real estate investment, snow, a far from veiled reference to waxplay, family dynamics and four exciteable children (Mica, David, Steven and Jack)
Disclaimer: Torchwood and its environs, occurences and persons belong to the BBC. The original characters have disowned me.
Crossposted to here and my journal. Links are to my LJ.

Midnight Mass Prompt: Schmoop_Bingo - Meeting the Parents
A Friendly Warning Prompt: Schmoop_Bingo - Holiday, Meeting the Extended Family
Christmas Morning Prompt: Kiss_Bingo - Greeting, Good Morning
Boxing Day Tests Prompt: Schmoop_Bingo - Baking Cookies
Preparations Prompt: Schmoop_Bingo - Candles
Families Tied Prompt: Schmoop_Bingo - Friendship
Snow on the Hills Prompt: Schmoop_Bingo - Snowed In
New Year, New Vow Prompt: Schmoop_Bingo - New Year Celebrations

Edited because getting the coding right in one go was never going to happen.
Tags: fanfic:r, fanfic:series

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