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Sportsmanlike Behaviour

Title: Sportsmanlike Behaviour
Author: usakiwigirl
Pairings/Characters: Ianto & Jack, Tosh, Gwen & Owen
Rating: Overall, NC-17.
Genre: Introspection and reminiscing, at present
Summary: Ianto watches sport and comes to a startling revelation
Warnings: Nothing drastic, just your basics
Beta: None
Disclaimer: I don't have any control over them. The BBC and RTD have sole responsibility.
Notes: I did it, I finally figured out how to link these stories together, with help from treacle_tartlet. The latest story is linked in with this, now under the banner of "Sportsmanlike Behaviour". As more is written, this will be amended. I think.

I've just added a new story to this series. I am keeping the links in order though, so any new additions will be at the end of the list. Enjoy!

Muscles, Oh God!
Getting a Little Wet
Highlighting the Obvious
Riding Lessons
Tags: fanfic:series

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