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Seize The Day: Masterlist

Title: Seize The Day
Challenge/Fest: Schmoop_Bingo (second card)
Rating: T overall
Dedication: For Ruth, one of my dearest most lovely friends
Summary: In a life that doesn't offer the chance for well planned out dates, Jack and Ianto start to seize their chances where they find them.
Contains: Fluff, suntan lotion, discussion of real estate investments, spontaneous dates and one not-so-spontaneous one, fireworks and love.
Disclaimer: Torchwood and its environs, occurences and persons belong to the BBC. The original characters have disowned me.
Links are to my journal.

Once More Unto The Beach Prompt: Suntan lotion
A Night At The Movies Prompt: Movie Night
The Plot Thickens Prompt: Fair/Carnival
Dance like Nobody's Watching Prompt: Dancing
A Romantic Tactical Withdrawal Prompt: Fire in the Fireplace
Tags: fanfic

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