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Fic: The Sum of Your Choices

Title: The Sum of Your Choices
Author: remuslives23
Artist: misshapenmuse
Characters/Pairings: Team, OC's; Jack/Ianto, mild Ianto/OMC
Contains: Language, mild sexual references, discussion of miscarriage and genetic manipulation
Rating: PG15
Word Count: 33083
Beta: dogsunderfoot

Summary: Matthew Prentiss thinks he's having a bad day when, after a close encounter with an alien device, he regains consciousness in a cell in the underground headquarters of Torchwood. He befriends Ianto Jones, who is having his own problems trying to sort out what he wants from his faltering relationship. Things go from bad to worse when the mystery of Matthew's odd experience is unraveled, uninvited visitors arrive in the Hub, and Matthew is called upon to make a choice that will change his life.

Notes: Written for the tw_bigbang. Set after 'A Day in the Death' and references events in 'Reset' and 'Meat'. Thanks to my beta, Di, for her cheerleading and constant support, to my artist for choosing my fic despite the horrible summary, and to my flist for shaking pompoms when I complained about how much easier it would be to write 15000 words of porn than it was to write actual plot.

Link to Fic

Link to Art
Tags: fanfic

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