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Fanfic - Sixty Minutes An Hour 1/4 [Torchwood: Jack/Ianto]

Title: Sixty Minutes An Hour
Author: soera
Rating(s): NC-17 overall
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jack/Ianto, Team
Summary: In which Ianto falls through the Rift and finds himself two centuries in his future – 1996. Now he has to adapt to modern life, including formal schooling, cars, new laws, and one Jack Harkness.
Warning(s): Alternate canon. Allusions to kink (non-explicit). Spoilers for S1-2 of Torchwood (and minor mentions of CoE-related character histories)
Author's Notes: If the summary wasn’t clear enough – this is an AC fic in which Ianto’s actually from the past, and fell through the Rift into the present time. Ianto grows up familiar with Jack and Torchwood, though he doesn’t work for them. And things go from there…

Sixty Minutes An Hour: Part One

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