Heather (heddychaa) wrote in jackxianto,

Fic: Fine. Normal. Okay. [One-Shot]

Title: Fine. Normal. Okay.
Author: heddychaa
Characters: Jack/Ianto, John, Gwen
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content
Genre: H/C, heavy on the hurt.
Wordcount: ~3976
Warnings: References to rape and the aftermath of rape. Triggers.
Disclaimer: Torchwood's characters, concepts, and events belong to their respective owners, including but not limited to Russell T Davies and the BBC. This is a work of fan-appreciation and no profit is being made.
Summary: They keep talking past the issue, standing back and watching the poison spread.
A/N: A sequel to Nice, Nice, Very Nice. count_to_seven cheerleader-d and beta-d, and _lullabelle_ and azn_jack_fiend were both always around to bounce ideas off of and listen to my complaining. This fic takes place soon after KKBB and Jack's return from travelling with the Doctor. Thanks to everybody who commented on the first fic, and to all of you who commented asking for a sequel, I hope you've learned your lesson. Nah, I'm kidding, I love you all.

The secret neither will admit they're keeping.
Tags: fanfic, fanfic:nc-17, fanfic:oneshot

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