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CHARACTERS: JACK-IANTO, MARTHA-MICKEY, RHYS-GWEN, ALONZO, LOIS, RHIANON and others that came from my imagination.

SUMMARY: Ianto is alive again and under the power of a demon, but he’s stronger than all the evil that surrounds him.


DISCLAIMER: The characters, songs, films, ideas, don’t belong to me. I like to write because I like to dream. I’m not making money with this story.

NOTE: Previous parts are in my Journal. I do believe in happy endings.





When Uyole did the spell, the earth began to tremble, there was a big hole, Ianto was raised from the depths, in flesh again. When Ianto saw Uyole, he was scared, but she blinded him, his eyes went black and came under her spell. Uyole started to train Ianto. The attack would be perfect. Gradually, she began to give him some of her powers.
But Muset soon knew about Uyole’s plan. When she told Jack, he frozed. His Ianto under the power of that demon. Everyone was shocked. They would have to kill him again. Jack was devastated.

Ming and Ling took care of Ianto, they protected him when he wasn`t under Uyole’s power, because when Uyole slept, Ianto was free of her domain. It could say that they have adopted him. He was their little boy. Ianto told them everything about his life with Jack, how much he missed him. The twins decided  to help him to meet Jack.
One night, Ling and Ming went to meet Jack, he thought they were going to attack him. They had to dominate him with their powers before take him  to see Ianto.
When Jack saw Ianto could not hold back his tears. Ianto was crying too. The two of them embraced and kissed each other. The twins left them alone. Jack tried to talk to Ianto, but the need of being together was stronger. Jack made love to Ianto intensenly, when they separated, Jack heard the voice of the twins behind them. Ling was smiling, “I see why  Ianto loves you so much, if someone shagged  me like this, I would be very happy.” Ming added: “Ianto, you're pretty flexible”. Ianto blushed “You were watching us”. They laughed, “What else we could do, we are demons”. Ling turned to Jack. “You have to go”. He didn’t want to. Ming looked at him “Remember this night, it will help you, both of you”. Taking Ianto by the arms, they disappeared.

Uyole was convinced that Ianto was ready for her revenge. The new attack would be that night. Immediately Muset was aware.
Jack and the team, as well as Muset and  the sorcerers, were waiting.
Uyole appeared, with  Ianto, her servants and other demons. Jack and the team felt a lot of pain when they saw him. Ianto was fully dressed in black, his eyes were black, too.
Uyole ordered him to attack and destroy Jack. Jack heard the voice of Ming on his mind  “Talk to him, tell him you love him, he is not bad.” Ming and Ling began to send messages to Ianto's mind “Remember the other night. You're not bad. You love Jack.”
Ianto began to see images of him with Jack, he felt his body, his kisses and he heard his voice saying “Ianto I love you.” Uyole also began to see those images, she was furious. She ordered Ianto to destroy Jack, but Ianto turned to her “I won`t do it, I love Jack and I'm good, I'll never be evil.” And with the power she had given him, he attacked her, a black light came out of Ianto's hands and hit in Uyola’s heart. Muset helped Ianto, she also attacked Uyole with her white light. Uyole was reduced to ashes…
Having lost their leader, the other demons fled in fear.

Ianto fell to the ground, still alive. Jack ran to him, but Muset stopped him. “Don’t touch him”. She knelt at his side, did a spell and a Light, its color as the rainbow came out of her heart to Ianto’s, who opened his eyes.

Ianto was now fully dressed in white. “He is all yours” Muset turned to Jack. Jack was surprised, “What did you do?”. Muset grinned, “I gave him a piece of my soul, he deserved it by the courage he showed.” Lois asked, “As a horrocrux?”   Muset looked a little confused.

In the forest, only  stayed Jack, Ianto, Torchwood team, Muset and the twins. “What do we do with them???” asked Mickey. Ianto begged, “Let them leave, they helped me”. Ming smiled, “We always help, we told you Uyole’s plans”.

Gwen  wondered why they did that, Ling looked at her “Uyole killed our mother” Alonzo jumped “Then it was a revenge.” The twins grinned “What else we can do, we are demons.”

Ling warned Jack, “Take care of him.” Ming said to Ianto, “When you need us, we'll know and we'll help you.” At the same time, Ling kissed Ianto's left cheek and Ming kissed the right. Then they disappeared.
Back to the hub, Jack and Ianto were in Jack's office. Ianto sat on Jack's lap and began to kiss him passionalety. Jack laughed, “Mmmm, my beautiful Yan, that`s what I like about you, you are like fire under the ice…”. “It melted” “What???” asked Jack, Ianto whispered on his ear “All the ice… it melted”. After that, there was nothing more to say.




“Keep the candles burning
Let your body melt in mine
I'm living in my, living in my dreams”


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