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Title: THE BET

Characters: Jack-Ianto

Summary: Ianto will do anything to beat Jack the bet they did.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, music, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I like to dream. I’m not making money whith this fic.





Jack and Ianto have attended a rift alert and went to the SUV when Jack took Ianto in his arms and kissed him passionately no matter that there were people. Ianto blushed "Hey, people are watching us," Jack laughed, "Whatever, Yan, be free. You have to learn to break the rules, you never do anything crazy or wild." Ianto frowned, "I don’t like to make shows in public." Jack was laughing "But in private you have done daring things," Ianto looked at him "But that was between you and me"

Jack looked back at him mischievously, "I challenge you to do something in public that is truly daring, and something that really surprised me.” Ianto raised his eyebrow “You will go insane." Jack "I bet a weekend in Paris, if you make something really wild in a week, you win." Ianto opened his eyes "A weekend in Paris, you and me??" Jack replied “Yes, and if I win, you’ll let me kiss you a whole week wherever I want. It's a deal", Ianto bit his lower lip "You have a deal."

Five days later, Jack found a note on his desk "You have to wait for me tonight at 8:00 at the bar of the Dreamland Hotel. Please wear a suit. Yours, I. xxx". Jack smirked "What did Ianto plan??"
At eight o'clock, Jack entered the bar, there were two couples at a table and a stunning blonde girl in the bar, but Ianto had not arrived. Jack looked at the girl, who was wearing a long red dress with an opening on the side that showed her beautiful long legs with black high heels. Her blonde hair down like a cascade for her bare back, he couldn’t see her face, Jack glanced at her "That legs, wow. Calm, Harkness. Where will Ianto be???" He sat at the bar and he listened a soft and a little affected voice "Are you alone, handsome??" Jack turned to her "No, I'm waiting my bo..." Jack gasped when he saw the blonde girl's face, those blue-gray eyes sparkling mischievously. Jack whispered, "Yan??" Ianto smiled mischievously, "I surprised you, right???" Jack was stunned "But I didn’t recognize you, you really look like a girl. How did you make???" Ianto laughed out loud, "I have a friend, Sharon, who works as a makeup artist in a movie studio. She made my transformation" Jack stammered "But but but, it's amazing. You look so beautiful and blonde" "You look dashing too" Ianto said. Jack was wearing a dark gray suit, almost black with a white shirt and a blue tie that matched perfectly with his eyes.


Leer fonéticamente

Ianto stared at him "I think I did something very bold, or not??" "Oh, yes, you left me stunned." Ianto approached him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek "The night is starting. There is a reservation under your name for dinner at the hotel restaurant. Tonight is a dance dinner night." Jack smiled, "I think you won the bet. Ianto licked his lips “For a weekend in Paris with you, I would do anything. Come let's eat."

The ballroom was beautiful, they sat at their table, the dinner was delicious. At nine-thirty, the orchestra began to play. Jack looked at Ianto surprised "Is Glen Miller" Ianto smiled sweetly "It's a night of remembrance, all the music is old and romantic." Jack's eyes shone like blue comets “Then let’s make the most of it”.

The two of them went to the dance floor. Jack took Ianto in his arms and was surprised by how well he danced. "Hey, you know how to dance" Ianto blushed "When I was at high school I belonged to a dance group. We danced all the rhythms, but our strength was the Ballroom Dance" Jack laughed, "Every day I learned something new about you, Yan." Ianto felt in heaven, "You are also a good dancer." Jack was proud "Years of experience."

Ianto felt completely happy, dancing in the arms of Jack. Jack felt Ianto sighed embellished "Are you happy?" Ianto grinned "A lot. Above all, because no one is looking us as we were weird. To everybody, we are a completely normal couple." Jack snorted "I hate when people criticize others for their preferences. I think you wouldn’t have dared to dance with me now so if you had not become a beautiful blonde" Ianto blushed "You're right, Jack, I don’t know if I had dared. I don’t regret being with you. You're the best thing that has happened in my life. But there are people who don’t understand yet "Ianto lowered his head, but Jack grabbed his chin and look into his eyes "You know that you are also the most important thing I have in my life. Come on, don’t be sad, enjoy this wonderful night you prepared me." Ianto smiled, at that moment, the beautiful notes of a tango started to fill the ballroom “Uno busca lleno de esperanzas el camino que los sueños prometieron a sus ansias. Sabe que la lucha es cruel y es mucha, pero lucha y se desangra por la fe que lo empecina”.

Jack and Ianto were fitted to each other and began to slide with precision by the ballroom. It was as if the music had been put in their bodies, every movement was perfect and sensual, "Uno va arrastràndose entre espinas, y en su afàn de dar su amor sufre y se destroza, hasta entender que uno se ha quedao sin corazòn”.

People soon began to stop and everyone started to look at the two wonderful dancers, Jack got up Ianto in the most incredible steps “Pero Dios te trajo a mi destino sin pensar que ya es muy tarde y no sabrè còmo quererte”.

Jack and Ianto were delivered to each other in this erotic and beautiful dance, not realizing that they were the center of attention of other people. Finally, the tango ended and then Ianto realized that Jack was lifted him upside down and all the people around cheered at that instant, his face turned so red that it was merged with the dress he was wearing. Jack of course, thanked waving his hand all the applause and carried Ianto to their table.

“That was awesome” said Jack, "I never thought that I would be able to do that," added Ianto. Jack took his hand "Why do we go now and give it a perfect ending to this evening?" Ianto raised his eyebrow, "I rented a suite at this hotel to spend the night" Jack smiled, "Yan, you're a genius," Ianto felt very proud, "I know." They rose from the table, intertwined their hands and went to the room.


Leer fonéticamente

They made love passionately, enjoying each other as a long time ago they didn’t do it. Jack turned toward to Ianto and said "I hope you won’t have one of your weird dreams tonight." Ianto hugged Jack, put his head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear "I don’t need it, I’ve already danced with you tonight, mon amour”.




“Y todo a media luz,

que es un brujo el amor,

a media luz los besos,

a media luz los dos...

Y todo a media luz,

crepùsculo interior,

que suave terciopelo

la media luz de amor.”






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