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Jack and Ianto iPhone 4 Wallpapers

I made these for my phone and thought perhaps some of you might like them. I might have gone a teensy weensy bit overboard using Hubble images as the backgrounds for the boys but they seem to work so well. Not that these are anything brilliant by a long shot

The wallpapers are 960-by-640-pixel and not compatible for iPhone 3gs although I can adjust them to fit the iPhone 3g and 3gs screen if anyone wants.

editThe wallpapers I've done here can be re-made to fit any other mobile phone that has the capability to change backgrounds :) These ONLY go with the iPhone 4

Hopefully this link works. The images are a little on the large size to post them here so there's an example:

Not all the images are Jack and Ianto but you're all welcome to take any :) I will be adding to it from time to time too :)

Yet another edit: This is the link to the folder with iPhone 3gs compatible wallpapers

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