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Characters: Jack-Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, mentioned Rhys.

Summary: The team is remembering how they knew about Jack and Ianto relantionship.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, music, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I like to dream. I’m not making money whith this fic.





Tosh was staring at her computer screen. "What are you watching???" Ianto asked, looking over his shoulder. Tosh blushed "Some files." Ianto was also blushed "You've shot me and Jack having sex." Tosh was very distressed, "Sorry, Ianto, I know I shouldn’t do it, but I can’t help it." "For how long have you've been shooting us??" Ianto was very distressed too. "Almost since you began to do it," Tosh answered. "Oh, you're sick, Tosh" but this time Ianto said with a laugh. "You're not angry with me?" Tosh was relieved. "No, the truth, it is our fault, we should not go around the hub doing it."

They both laughed. Tosh glared at Ianto "Can I ask you something very intimate???" Ianto nodded, "You tell me." "How do you feel when you're with Jack??? You understand me, how you two decide the role of each one of you???" Ianto bit his lower lip, "I don’t know, Tosh. In fact, when I decided to make it with him, I didn’t think about it, I just gave myself to him and then I realized we had fitted perfectly, as if we were two pieces of a puzzle or the two parts of a shell. It’s not about roles, I love the way we are together, how he made love to me, how his eyes looked at me, full of joy and desire and I don’t know if you would be able to understand the happiness I feel when I'm with him, that I belong to him and no one else.” Ianto's eyes shone with happiness as he spoke. Tosh nodded "I appreciate that you told me. Thank you for your trust". Ianto looked at her "I don’t like to talk about these things, but you're my best friend. Actually, I'm glad I shared it with you. By the way, when was the first time that you realized that Jack and I, you know???” Tosh smiled, "I saw you on the CCTV. You were in Jack's office on his lap." The two were laughing when they came Jack, Owen and Gwen, who were hunting.
Jack gave Ianto a gentle kiss. Owen asked, "Why were you laughing so hard???" Tosh and Ianto blushed, but Ianto replied, "We were talking about how Tosh had discovered that Jack and I were together”.

Jack was surprised, "Really. And how was it???" Tosh said "CCTV". Jack frowned, "It's true, you have a large collection of files about both of us." Tosh blushed "My greatest sin". Everyone laughed. Gwen spoke "Hey, you should share them with us," Owen snorted, "Sure, we could make a great Jantothon, with popcorn and candy." Ianto looked at him alarmed "Oi, never." Jack laughed "Don’t worry, Yan, that will never happen. Tosh, keep this collection just for us."

Gwen was very interested, "Hey, Tosh, do you have one that is your favorite???" Tosh giggled "Yes, one in the seventh level, the camera stopped… it was awesome". Ianto was completely flushed. "What?" Gwen asked. "I’m not telling you." Tosh replied.

Jack talked "Continuing the topic, Owen, when did you know about us???" Owen growled "One day I came to your office without knocking and saw Teaboy on his knees and he wasn’t just praying." Everyone laughed out loud and Ianto blushed violently.

Owen turned to Gwen, “And you???” Escuchar

Leer fonéticamente

Gwen remembered “One day Ianto was wonded and Jack was very worried about him, when Ianto woke up, Jack kissed him so intensely that I thought that the Earth's orbit had stopped, that was intense." Ianto smiled, "I remember."
Owen was intrigued "Tosh, do you really have recorded all about these two fucking?" Tosh felt her face burning "Yeah, I think." Ianto smiled maliciously, "I don’t think so." Jack looked at him "What are you thinking about?" Ianto rolled his eyes "I was reminding of one of our best moments, I think it's my favorite, I'm sure Tosh doesn’t have it" "Which one???" Tosh asked. Ianto replied, "Once I wore a red dress on a date we have on a hotel." Gwen opened her eyes "What did you do???" Tosh couldn’t believe it "Oh, how did I miss that?" Owen snorted "Please Teaboy, I never expected you to do something like that, I thought you were more serious." Jack and Ianto were laughing, Jack agreed, "It’s true, that’s unforgettable. One of our best nights.”

Gwen looked at her watch "Oh, look at the time!!! I promised to dine with Rhys. Well, guys, good night." Owen told Tosh "I invite you a beer and you tell me more about the adventures of the Captain and his Teaboy." Tosh giggled "I accept the invitation." Ianto looked at her in alarm "Tosh". She laughed "Don’t worry, Ianto, I will not say anything". Owen laughed too "You just wait to be drunk and we’ll see" everyone laughed.

When everyone left, Jack embraced Ianto by the waist, "You know that I have a night that is my favorite??" Ianto looked at him with curiosity "Really??" Jack kissed him tenderlly "Our first time. The first time you gave yourself to me, I remember your beautiful face reflecting fear, pain, pleasure. You’ve never slept with a man, it was as if you gave me your virginity" Ianto blushed "I really wanted you”. Jack agreed "Me too. And now you belong to me. You're the best thing that has happened in my life" Ianto looked at him lovingly, "I belong to you, that day I made a decision and I’m going to keep it forever. I am yours and nobody else.”  And that was sealed with a kiss.



“I’ll send you all my love

Every day in a letter

Sealed with a kiss”


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Leer fonéticamente


Leer fonéticamente


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