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Scratch First, Itch Later

A Schmoop Bingo Story
Fandom:  Torchwood
Schmoop:  Scratch First, Itch Later (a Zen proverb)
Words: 3735
Rating: R/NC-17
Characters:  Ianto/Jack, Gwen/Owen
Disclaimer: Not mine; Aunty B's and RTD's
Summary: No one listens to Jack's warnings. Including Jack.

This story is dedicated to [info]agent_girlsnameAll blame credit goes to her. I got one of the main ideas for this story from her brilliant story Bubble Bath and Massage Oils:
http://agent-girlsname.livejournal.com/28480.html. So as not to give away any spoilers, I’ll let you know what I ‘borrowed’ from her at the end.

Also, some more Welsh swearing with translations at the end. They come directly from a list I found on the Interwebs. Seriously.

Story here: http://aviv-b.livejournal.com/73141.html

Tags: fanfic

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