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Yearning - Chapter 3

Title: Yearning - Chapter 3
Author: confused_bliss
Genre: AU!
Pairing: Jack & Ianto
Rating: NC-17 (story overall)
Beta: None, all mistakes are mine!
Disclaimer: I don't own these boys or any of the Torchwood characters. Just borrowing them for a bit.
Feedback: Yes, please... the plot bunny will love you forever!

Banner & Layout by the incredible: [info]foreverbm

Summary: Jack Harkness is the owner of an upscale club in Manhattan along with his mostly silent partner and best friend, Owen Harper. Jack's life is about to change when his baby sister Lisa brings her boyfriend, the mysterious Ianto Jones into the club to meet him. Why don't their parents approve of the gorgeous Ianto Jones? Lisa goes to Jack for his support and assistance in gaining their parent's approval. What happens when Jack sees Ianto and wants him for himself? Sparks are sure to fly!

Note: Thank you all that are reading & commenting on this story. I appreciate it so much! We are building towards answering some questions, but we are still at our initial meeting. Much we will learn about Ianto Jones very soon. To the question regarding why Jack and Lisa are only half siblings - the only significance is they are not particularly close. She is ten years younger than Jack. They share the same father, but different mothers. More about that soon as well. Please continue to leave your thoughts... they are truly motivating! =)
Tags: fanfic:nc-17

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