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DISCLAIMER: They don’t belong to me, I’m not making Money with this story. I like to write because I love to dream.

NOTE: Thanks to my friend D, who helped me with the syntax of all my fics.






December 20th, 1990. “Mum, can I have a teddy bear for Christmas??? "Ianto’s beautiful blue-gray eyes shone with happiness. His mother looked at him gently," Baby, this year your father did not receive his bonus and your grandmother is sick, we don’t have much money, I don’t think we can buy you a teddy bear". Now Ianto’s eyes were shining with tears "And Santa, could  he bring me one??? " His mother hugged him tight.

December 24th, 1990. Ianto was asleep when a loud noise woke him up. It was after midnight, he  looked out the window and was surprised to see a girl talking to a… Reindeer??
"Are you okay???" asked Ianto. The girl looked at him and smiled "You could help me." "Of course, what do you need???" Ianto saw that the girl had pointed ears. "Water and bandages, please" Ianto ran to the bathroom, took the necessary and went to the backyard.
“Thank you. By the way, my name is Winnie. And you??” "Ianto. Who are you?? The girl laughed." I'm an elf. I work for Santa Claus. He is Dancer. Cut a leg in the street, someone left a broken bottle "Ianto was stunned" You're serious?? "Winnie smiled." Help me to wash and bandage the leg.” When they finished, Winnie said," What do you want for Christmas??? Ianto thought about his parents, who had no money, in his sick grandmother and with a lump in his throat quietly answered "Nothing, I want nothing" The elf looked at him and told him "I have a debt with you for help us, when you want it, you will  have the perfect gift, just ask for it looking at that Star. " Winnie pointed to the brightest star in the sky, mounted Dancer and flew away.

December 21th, 1995. “Yan, I’m so sorry, Honey. You know we don`t have enough Money. Maybe next year we can buy you a bike” Ianto’s mum was so sad. “That’s okay mum, don’t worry”

That night, he was gazing at the Stars. "Another Christmas without presents." Suddenly, he heard some bells and Winnie came into his room. "Hello." Ianto wondered "Winnie?? I believed you have been a dream" Winnie laughed "No, I'm real. You were gazing at the star, do you want your perfect gift?? Ianto wanted many things, but he was not selfish with his family, so, he replied, again "I want nothing. Thank you. How is everything???" Winnie sat on his bed “Working hard. We must provide lots of toys, Santa is very stressed, everything must be okay" Ianto smiled "And Dancer?? " "Excellent." So the two of them spent together talking all night.

December 22th, 2008. Ianto was working on his files, when his cell rang. "Jones… Rhi, Hello, what happened ???... Sure, I'll give you money, Micah has to be fine… It was nothing serious... okay, don’t worry. On my way. Bye” What happened "asked Tosh." Micah had an accident, a broken arm and my sister needs money. "But she's fine??” Tosh was worried. "Yes, but the operation went very expensive and my brother in law is unemployed, Rhi does not have much money, so I'm going to give her what I have. Bye." "Take care, bye.”

December 23th, 2008. Ianto was alone in his flat, watching the brightest star in the sky. First Christmas  he would really be with Jack, no planes from the past, not a year that never existed. He wanted to buy a good gift for Jack, but now he didn’t have enough money. Ianto bought a belt and trouser bracers, but he was not happy. He sighed and then, he heard the sound of bells. "Winnie??" "Hi, ready for your perfect gift?? Ianto looked thoughtful."For me anything, I wanted a gift for Jack”. Who's Jack??" "My… Oh, well, my boyfriend." Winnie frozen. "Hey that you're weird. But, it doesn’t matter. What happened?? Ianto sighed, "My niece had an accident and I gave to my sister all the money I had, but never mind, I bought a present for Jack" Winnie looked intensely at him "You never want anything for you, you always want something for someone else" Ianto smiled "How is everything??" Winnie told him "Santa changed his sleigh, now he has a new one more modern, he needed GPS." Like other nights, they talked till dawn”.

December 24th, 2008. “The weevils don’t know it's Christmas??" Jack cried entering the hub. Ianto followed him closely. "The others should be preparing for dinner" Jack smiled at him "Well at least we're together" Jack approached and hugged him. "I got you a gift, I hope you like it" Ianto smiled and replied, "Me too". Jack gave him a pair of gold cufflinks with a ruby. Ianto liked them a lot, but he was sad because his gift was not expensive, but Jack liked it too. "Now, what can we do, have dinner somewhere, stay here or go to your flat?? At the moment Ianto was going to answer, rang the bells." Winnie??". "What the hell??” Jack was about to draw his weapon, but Ianto stopped him."She's my friend, she’s a Santa Claus elf". "You must be kidding me" said Jack. Ianto laughed, "You captured aliens and now you’re surprised that Santa Claus and the elves exist?? Winnie, how are you?? You should be working.” Winnie said, "I came to give you the perfect gift. So this is Captain Jack Harness, he is really really really handsome, as you told me," Ianto blushed. Jack was confused "The perfect gift??" “Oh yes!!!” Winnie continued. “See you two outside" and she disappeared.

Outside, they found Winnie, a sleigh and two reindeers. “What is this?” Ianto was thrilled. "Santa’s old sleight, he lent it to me tonight. This is Clown, Dancer's dad and Feather, the mother of Cupid. From midnight until five in the morning, we go for a trip, you will have a Christmas dinner and a gift, I will be your driver tonight. Winnie sat in the front seat and Jack and Ianto sat in the back, covered by a thick blanket. They could not believe what was happening. The sleigh and reindeers flying through the sky. Cardiff's landscape was spectacular. After an hour flight, they arrived at a cottage in the middle of a forest. Winnie left them there and told them that she would return at four o’clock.The cottage was small but perfect, it had a fireplace, a Christmas tree, with two gifts and a table with a magnificent Christmas dinner. Jack and Ianto did not know what to do, they decided to eat, Ianto told Jack the story of Winnie, Jack was flabbergasted. When they finished, they decided to open the two gifts. Jack’s present was a plane from the Second World War, Ianto had told Winnie that Jack was once a  pilot. When Ianto opened his, he could not help sobbing, it was a beautiful teddy bear.


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Jack hugged him for comfort. They began to kiss passionately, throwing his clothes across the floor. They made love by the fireplace, lying on the rug, Ianto was the happiest person in this world, being there with the man he loved, Jack completely inside his body, no one could tell where one began and ended the other. Ianto  wanted that the pleasure he was feeling never ended. Both exploted in ecstasy at the same time, Jack rolled beside Ianto and hugged him "Could we stay here forever???" Ianto answered "I'd love to, but it`s almost four o'clock."

They dressed and Winnie came for them. At five in the morning, Winnie left them at the hub, Jack and Ianto thanked her for the perfect gift.


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Diccionario - Ver diccionario detalladoCThe sleigh and reindeers flied again. Winnie was thinking  that Ianto deserved this perfect Christmas night and of course the perfect gift that he  wanted for so long, but as he was always thinking of others first he put it aside, even now, well, if his happiness was to be with Jack, share everything with him, she also had to feel good, so… mission accomplished.
“Here's a present by the tree
Stockings on the wall
Knowing you're in love with me
Is the greatest gift of all”












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