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Christmas Invasion

Title: Christmas Invasion
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG? If that.
Word Count: 1112
Spoilers: None!
Warnings: Fluff. Fluffy fluff domestic Christmas happenings. Also, unbeta'd and posted super-fast.
Disclaimer: Unless Santa brings me the rights to Torchwood for Christmas, I don't own them.  
Author's Note: I have approximately 3248 things to do. Because of that simple fact, I ended up writing fic. Fluffy fic, at that. This ALWAYS happens. So, Happy Whatever-Holiday-You-Celebrate (even if the holiday is conspicuously titled "Day Off From Work Day"). Enjoy!

(Even before opening his eyes, Ianto reaches his hand behind him.)
Tags: fanfic

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