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Ianto's Journey - PDF Now Available

Title: Ianto's Journey

Characters & Parings
: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Alonso Frame, Jack/OCs, Ianto/Ocs, Ianto/Jack/John Hart, Owen/Tosh, Gwen/Rhys, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, PC Andy, several regenerations of the Doctor, the Master, Rhiannon, Johnny, Mica, David and  other lovers, friends, and relatives.

Rating:  NC-17.  While much of the story is G-PG-13, this does contain adult sexual situations as well as some violence (see warnings below).

:  One incident of dubcon/noncon.  Character deaths (but they can't live forever if they're not immortal like Jack).

All canon characters and story lines are the property of the BBC and Russell Davies.

Summary: A non-canon story of Ianto's life starting just before The Battle of Canary Wharf and running through the middle of the 21st Century when it really all changes.

Awards:  Winner of the Romance Category of the 6th round of The Children of Time Awards.

The pdf file also contains four schmoop bingo stories written in the Ianto's Journey Universe.


If you have any problems accessing it, please let me know.

Individual Chapters may be accessed at my journal's main page.

Posted lots of places - Apologies for those getting multiple copies of this.

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