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SUMMARY: Ianto has his dream comes true.


DISCLAIMER: The characters, songs, films, ideas, don’t belong to me. I like to write because I like to dream. I’m not making money with this story.

NOTE: This is a sequel to "The Perfect Gift" and I wrote it because agent-girlsname and zazajb put the idea in my head with two wonderful fics they wrote.





December 26th

Ianto was sitting on the edge of the window in his flat looking out the window at the stars. Suddenly, he saw his left hand and sighed "This is so beautiful" A platinum ring with a small ruby in the center sparkled on his finger "Jack proposed to me. This is my dream came true. I wish I could get a dream wedding." The brightest star in the sky flashed and Ianto heard a sound of bells "Winnie". He embraced her very happy. "Hi, how you been?" she said. "Very well. What a lovely surprise seeing you." Winnie smiled "You were asking a wish to the Star" Ianto blushed "Oh, but you already gave me my perfect gift". Winnie looked at him "Yes, but your desire is so pure that I felt it. What do you want?" Ianto blushed even more "Is that, well, Jack asked me". Winnie did not understand "He asked you?" Ianto rolled up his eyes "Jack proposed to me" and he showed her his ring.

Winnie jumped and hugged him "Congratulations, when's the wedding?" Ianto sighed "I do not know. Jack will decide. After all, he is who will pay. I don’t have so much money." Winnie looked at him intensely "But you want something special." Ianto smiled, "Look, I'm going to marry Jack, I would like anything he decides, I just want it to be unforgettable. It is the most important day for us both." Winnie nodded "I see". Ianto asked, "So tell me how’s everything at the North Pole. Santa, the reindeers?" Winnie talked all night long.

December 27th

Owen, Tosh and Gwen were working on their workstations. Suddenly they heard some bells and Winnie appeared. Owen took his gun and pointed at her "How the hell it came in the hub. The alarms didn’t sound." Winnie raised an eyebrow "You must be Doctor Owen Harper." Owen was surprised "How do you know that?" Tosh stared at her "You're Winnie." Winnie smiled widely. "And you Miss Toshiko Sato. Nice to meet you." Winnie extended his hand to Tosh. Gwen was with her mouth opened "Someone can explain me what it is all about." Winnie turned to her, "Ah, you're Gwen Cooper." Tosh finally explained "She is Winnie, she is a Santa Claus elf and a good friend of Ianto." Gwen could not believe it "No way." "Yes, Ianto and I are friends since he was a child." Tosh spoke "Do you need something from us?" Winnie looked at them "Actually yes, I need you all help me with something."

December 28th

It was nearly seven o'clock in the evening at the Millennium Centre where ten people were waiting on the street. Owen was freezing "Why the hell they don’t rush. I have my bollocks frozen." Tosh scolded him "Owen, children are present." Rhi turned to them "For my children don’t worry, they’ve heard worst things" Johnny snorted, the others laughed. "I have lived with you strange things, people, but, I think this is the most incredible" Rhys said. "With Torchwood we never know what to expect" said Alice holding tighter Stephen for warmth. "I’m hungry" sobbed Micah "Me too" added David and Stephen. "Be patience. We expected a big feast" said Rhi "I hope so too, because if it is cold here in Cardiff, I do not imagine being there" added Johnny.

"I'm very excited. It's a dream that we are living" Gwen was trembling with enthusiasm and cold. "Here they come" said Tosh. Four people were walking down the street. Jack and Ianto were surprised to see so many people waiting for them. "But, what is this?" said Jack, Ianto was amazed. Martha and Mickey laughed "You’ll see". After hugs and greetings, Jack asked "Can anyone explain to me what is this meeting about, please". Then the bell rang. "Winnie" Ianto nearly fainted from fright. "Hello, Ianto, Jack. Everybody’s ready??" "Why???" asked Jack. "This" Winnie snaped her fingers and in nanoseconds they found themselves in a large hall. "Welcome to the North Pole." Winnie grinned.

Everyone was stunned, the place was beautiful, all decorated in red, green, white and gold. "This way" said Winnie and led them to another room where they were Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and a very beautiful lady dressed in white. Winnie made the introductions. Finally stopped at the lady "She is the Lady of Winter. I always have told Santa, Mrs. Mary and my Lady about you, Ianto, Jack, all of you. When I said that you had committed in marriage, my boss and My Lady want to make you a gift, a beautiful winter wedding tonight." Jack gasped and Ianto began to mourn "Winnie, thank you." They embraced. Jack reacted and headed to Santa and the Lady of Winter "Thank you. You did not have to bother." The lady smiled "You have a very dangerous life, Winnie told us all your adventures and we think you deserve it." Ianto was flushed "Thanks." Winnie intervened "Everyone go and change clothes. The ceremony will be at eight and then we will have a feast." "Food" shouted Micah, David and Stephen, all laughed.

They met again in the main room, which was decorated with white Christmas trees, wreaths with white poinsettias, all covered with frost and snow flakes, white candles, all the decoration was shining. The girls looked beautiful, Alice and Rhi in red dresses, Gwen, Martha and Tosh in green. The boys looked very handsome, in black suits with striped ties green and red. Stephen, David and Micah were dressed as elves, they were happy. Jack came in and the girls sighed, he looked very handsome in a white suit and a long coat, white as well. The ceremony began, the Lady of Winter would marry them.

Jack entered with Alice and he stood waiting at the altar. Then came the three couples, Rhys and Gwen, Owen and Tosh and Martha with Mickey. Then came the three boys, Micah with the rings in a basket. Finally, it was time for Ianto. He came with Rhi. He wore a white suit, adorned in the neck and cuffs with white fur, he looked gorgeous. On their way to the altar, he heard "Squeak" Ianto could not hold back the tears, flying over him was Myfanwy. Ianto looked at Winnie, who winked. Rhi left him next to Jack, who took his hand.

Winter Lady performed the ceremony. Later, they had a great feast. The dinner was delicious, stuffed turkeys, salads, mashed potatoes, Christmas cookies, gingerbread. The kids eat until they burst. The time came from the wedding cake. Jack fed Ianto a piece of cake and Ianto did the same, everyone applauded. The party continued, everyone was dancing and enjoying.

The orchestra played a romantic song, Jack and Ianto were dancing. Jack looked at him tenderly, getting lost in those deep blue-gray eyes "I love you " Ianto sighed "I love you, too" and Myfanwy strongly agreed "Squeak. "

"And I believe in happy endings, so they all lived happily ever after."





“And I swear by the moon
And the stars in the sky I'll be there
I swear like the shadow that's by your side I'll be there
For better or worse
Till death do us part
I'll love you with every beat of my heart
And I swear”










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