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Everything Has It's Place (part 4)

Title: Everything Has It's Place
Characters: Ianto/Jack, the Doctor, two TARDISs.
Length: nearly 2000
Rating: R
Summary: Ianto finds out why he survived.

Disclaimers: Jack belongs to Ianto. The Doctor belongs to Rose... *yep, i went there* All of them belong to some people who don't deserve them.

A/N: I was wondering if someone who is way better at graphics than me could make me a banner for this?

A/N 2: Thank you so much to sariagray ... I probably could not have done it without you, my friend.

A/N 3. Ianto's screwdriver at the end. :)

A/N 4. (last one, i swear) I played around a bit with Timelord canon, not that there is much.... I hope no one minds.

Everything Has It's Place

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