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Those You've Known and Shadows Bring the Starlight

Title: Those You’ve Known
Rating: All Ages
Summary: Torchwood One was nothing if not thorough.
Setting: AU after Season 1
Title: Shadows Bring the Starlight
Rating: Teen
Summary: Ianto Jones felt like something was missing. He wasn’t certain what it was, but he was certain it was important.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, certainly not Torchwood
A/N: Written for torchwood_fest for mahmfic. Thank you to penelope_tweed for helping me wade through my mess of ideas and to czarina_kitty for super last minute the beta. Both titles comes from "Those You've Known" from the musical Spring Awakening by Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik.
Tags: fanfic:g, fanfic:pg-13

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