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Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen.

Summary: Jack and Ianto help Owen and Tosh to find love.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, ideas, music, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I like to dream. I’m not making money whith this fic.

NOTE: I think I had an attack of fluffiness when I wrote this.




"Owen, you've been using my computer??" Tosh was very angry. "Hey, I was working on mine and needed to check my livejournal" Owen replied. Tosh was pulling her hair "Yes, but you've deleted some important codes that I had to decipher." Jack and Ianto were embraced in Jack's office, watching how Tosh and Owen discussed. "What could we do to bring them together??? These fights are pure sexual tension." said Jack. Ianto rolled up his eyes "I think I have an idea."

It was Saturday morning, Jack left his office putting on his coat "I just received a call. There is something suspicious in the Forest of Cardiff. Owen, Tosh, Yan, with me. Gwen, you take care of the hub. I'll call you if we need help." "Okay, Jack." Gwen nodded.

In the SUV, Owen was complaining "Why brought me. You know I hate the woods, fields, all about nature." Tosh hit him on the shoulder "Stop complaining, it's your job." "Hey, you do not hit me" and they kept fighting. Ianto sighed and looked at Jack, he winked "They look like children arguing. I hope your plan achieve good results." Ianto gave him a loving look "You'll see."

They took a side road and finally they came to a very beautiful place, with the forest on one side and at the other, fields of flowers. Jack ordered "Owen, Tosh, you go for the field of flowers." Owen started to protest again "Ugh, Jack, nature makes me sick." Suddenly, plaff, a little bird shit on Owen's head "Oh, damn, fuck, that's all I needed, bloody bird." Everyone laughed. Jack again ordered "To work. Come, Yan." Owen snorted "Care you two to end up fucking in the forest." Tosh pulled his jacket "Owen, you walk."

When Owen and Tosh went away, Ianto took of the car a picnic basket "Come, cariad, I hope they seize this opportunity." "I think I’m going to do the same." said Jack, pinching the buttocks of Ianto. "Jack" Ianto jumped.

"Here there is no alien activity" Tosh said. "Damn bees, damn flowers." Owen continued to complain. In this, something went through Owen’s legs "What was that???" Tosh turned to see "They're rabbits. You don’t get scared." Owen snorted "They don’t scare me, I was surprised." Tosh rolled her eyes, "Yes, of course." In that, they reached a small hill, Tosh looked at the landscape, "That’s beautiful" when suddenly, the rabbits passed between her legs, she stumbled and began to roll down. "Tosh" shouted Owen trying to hold her, but rabbits were tangled in his legs and he also began to roll. At the bottom, Tosh fell back. Owen fell on her, just between her legs. Tosh looked at him, Owen looked at her, it was a truly bizarre moment. Owen began to open his mouth, Tosh stared at him and then... "Achoo!" Owen sneezed loudly.

In the forest at the edge of a pond in which fell a waterfall, Ianto was sat with his back on a rock, with Jack's head in his lap. They were looking at each other lovingly. Ianto was running his finger in Jacks’ nose, lips and jaw. Jack took his hand, kissed it and told him "Your eyes are like the color of the water down the waterfall. Your cheeks flushed as pink petals. Your nose..." Ianto could not help laughing. Jack pouted "Hey, I'm trying to make you a poem and you laugh." "Is that your poem is dying in the attempt. But thanks for your good intentions." Jack asked him "How were Owen and Tosh? Did they have notice already that are in love and will be fucking???" Ianto laughed "Or have they killed each other???" Jack got up and hugged Ianto, lost in his eyes "You're so beautiful" Ianto blushed "Cariad" Jack gave one of those kisses that made Ianto melted as chocolate under the Sun. "You are my life, I love you" Jack whispered in his ear, I love you too" sighed Ianto. They kissed again. When they finally broke up, Jack asked "Since when did you find this place???" Ianto smirked "Winnie. She is a friend of the elves who work for Mother Nature, they are helping us." Jack laughed "Winnie knows everybody." Jack gave him another kiss and start stroking Ianto "Hey, behave yourself, at any time Tosh and Owen may appear”. “Who” whispered Jack. “Jack” Ianto complained “Oh, lets forget about them” said Jack. “No, it’s for them we came here” Ianto continued, “Spoilsport” Jack kissed him again.

"Atchoo, Achoo, Atchiss!" Owen got to his feet sneezing. Tosh also rose from the ground "Now what?" Owen said "I'm allergic to flowers." Tosh turned red with anger, "You're impossible. You are an angry person." Owen looked at her "Ah yes, you're a boring person." "You're the doctor with the worst manners I know" "You are the worst computer technician I know." While they fought, they were getting closer to each other, “Stubborn mule” “Witch” "Grumpy " "Looser", then Owen held her and gave her a big kiss on the mouth. They kissed furiously until they needed to breathe. Then, still hugging, they smiled at each other and this time the kiss was sweet and tender. "Hey" Owen said "Hey" said Tosh. "I believe that it was time" Owen smiled "You're absolutely right" Tosh nodded. And they kissed again. After a while of endless kisses, Owen finally said "I think there are not aliens here, we should go back. I’m hungry" Tosh agreed "Jack and Ianto must be thinking we're missing.” Owen snorted "They must be fucking each other."

Owen and Tosh met Jack and Ianto. Ianto was serving a delicious lunch. Jack looked at them "What happened, you two fucked among the flowers??" Tosh blushed and Owen snorted "Some stupid rabbits threw us down the hill." Jack and Ianto laughed. Ianto was very curious "And???" Tosh looked at him "And, nothing" Ianto raised his eyebrow "Are you sure?" Owen smiled, "Well, let's say we snogged a bit. But I think you planned this." Jack and Ianto said at the same time "Guilty." Everybody laughed. Owen was hungry "What's for lunch?" Ianto replied "I brought wine, bread, cheese, egg salad, cold meats, cherry pie and of course, coffee." Everyone ate to bursting, when they finished, Jack and Ianto hugged and started to cuddle each other. "Oh please, get a room."  Owen growled. Jack smiled "Stop bothering and do the same. You have enjoyed this day, although you don’t want to accept it." Owen was muttering "I hate nature." Zaz, a nut hit him in the head. "Hey" Owen saw a squirrel in the tree that looked like it was laughing at him "You did it on purpose." Tosh was laughing "It seems that the squirrel understood what you said. Now, don’t be angry. Come here" and she hugged him. Owen surprisingly didn’t show any resistance.

The Sun was warm, its light shone the dew drops as gold nuggets, and created a beautiful rainbow. The waterfall began to whisper a soft melody, the birds were the lead voice and the leaves of the forest are moved by the wind like the chorus of the song the nature was singing. Tosh was amazed "It seems that the nature is in tune." Owen kissed her. Jack whispered to Ianto "Love is in the air" and kissed him too. When they parted, Ianto looked over Jack’s shoulder and saw two elves of the forest, behind them there was a beautiful lady, she was tall, dressed in brown, she has long green hair. She looked all majestic and serious. Mother Nature looked at him, smiled slightly and nodded. Ianto nodded too, and said without the sound out of his mouth "Thank you" because Jack returned to claim his mouth in a passionate kiss.



“Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound
And I don't know if I'm being foolish
Don't know if I'm being wise But it's something that I must believe in
And it's there when I look in your eyes”






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