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Characters: Jack-Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen-Rhys.

Summary: How Rhys and Ianto became good friends.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, the music, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money with this fic.




Rhys was walking to the tourist office, when he saw a boy who was familiar to him sitting on a bench. “Oh, it’s the kid, Ianto.” he thought. Suddenly, he noticed that Ianto was crying. Rhys hesitated “Should I ask him what’s going on or not???” But Rhys was moved and got close to him “Hello”, Ianto jumped and wiped his eyes “Hello, Rhys, errr, are you looking for Gwen?”. “Yes, I thought I would give her a surprise and take her to dinner”. Ianto pulled out a handkerchief and wiped his eyes and blew his nose very politely “Gwen and Jack go on a misión.” Rhys looked at him thinking “This kid is so fine and correct, too glamorous”, Rhys continued aloud “Oh, at what time do you think they will return?” Ianto replied sadly “I don’t know”. Rhys could not contain himself and sat with Ianto “Hey, I know we don’t know much, but if I can help you”. Ianto looked at him “Thanks” and hung his head. Rhys was racked his brain thinking of what to say “Jack and Gwen go out much together on missions” Ianto bit his lower lip and his eyes filled with tears again “Yes”. Rhys realizad something strange happened “Oi, I think this guy is jealous. Gwen or Jack??? Gwen and Jack???” Rhys no longer hold “Tell me what’s wrong?” Ianto finally replied “It’s Jack.” Rhys felt relief and concern at the same time, since he knew Jack, he was a little jealous of the attraction between his girlfriend and him, but if he was gay, everything was solved. But the boy seemed so sad “Mmm, you and him are… well, you know”. Ianto shrugged “Something like that, sometimes I don’t know what we are.” Rhys continued “When we met I asked him if he was gay and he didn’t say anything.” Ianto sorbed “You see, sometimes I think that he doesn’t care about me.” Rhys was a little confused “Gwen didn’t tell me that you are together. Hey, should I be jealous, too? Ianto suddenly realized that he was telling his troubles to Gwen’s boyfriend “Oh no, it’s just that…” Rhys tried to reassure him “Hey mate, I understand. I feel the same, Jack is too handsome for my taste and I know Gwen has a great admiration for him and he fells something for her.” Ianto said firmly “Gwen loves you, I’m sure.” Rhys rose his eyebrow “So, what’s the problem?” Ianto sighed “As you said, they need to much their mutual admiration.” Rhys could not help but smile “It’s true, he is a hero and he needs a fan”. Ianto continued “Gwen is strong, she is the only one that has managed to deal with Jack and put him in place many times.” “Yeah, but I think you and I don’t have to worry about it. I sincerely believe that Gwen loves me and you should know that Jack feels the same about you”. Ianto made a face of sadness “I can’t be so sure. I don’t know what Jack feels for me”. Rhys thought “He’s just a kid. How he would be involved with Jack?” He asked “How did you begin your relationship?” Ianto looked at him “I’ve never really told anyone.” Rhys was amazed “And your team friends?”.

Ianto went on “Tosh is my best friend, but I don’t tell her too much, Jack is our boss too, and Owen, well, at first he bothered me, he told me I was only a part time shag for Jack, but then I realized that he cared about me, he met Jack long before me and he knew that he flirts with every man, woman, alien, thing, everything that moves”. Rhys chuckled “Everything that has a hole.” Ianto looked at him intently and blushed, Rhys gulped “Oi, sorry, mate. Get on with your story.” “Since I met Jack, I think I fell in love with him like a teenager.” Ianto said. Rhys thought “That was a year ago, how old is this kid, 19, 20?” Ianto continued his story “Jack harrased me a lot, but I was too afraid to approach him. Besides, I kept a secret. I did something wrong, but he forgave me. Then I saw the great attraction between him and Gwen and I had a little doubt, for Jack, for me, even on Gwen. One day, Gwen almost died…” Rhys was shocked “What?” Ianto explanied to him “There are many things you don’t know and it’s better that you never know. Well, at that time, I saw Jack too worried about Gwen and I decided to take a plunge. We were in the morgue of Torchwood and I made a suggestion to him. I kept my cool, but inside I was dying of fear. I felt my cheeks were so red that my face would explode and my legs were shaking. But Jack understood and… Well, now we have “this” that is between us.”

Rhys coughed “Tell me the truth, did something happen between Jack and Gwen?” Ianto stared solemny at him “I can sweat that nothing happened and I will never allow anything happen.” Rhys was relieved “Mate, it seems that you and I have a job to do together. Take care of our respective partners.” Ianto felt more encouraged “You’re absolutely right. Hey, you must be thinking I’m a little flower”. Rhys laughead “No, never, I saw you fighting with those guys. You looked like a star in an action film.” Ianto raised his eyebrow “Like Pierce Brosnan or Hugh Jackman?” Rhys placed him a joke “Well, I’d say Angelina Jolie or Kate Beckinsale…” Ianto turned to see him again and noticed that Rhys was teasing him, he had that goofy face that characterized him. Ianto chuckled “Whatever.”

Rhys was confortable and happy “I see you’re laughing now. I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.” Ianto nodded “You’re right. Thanks, Rhys, really.” Rhys smiled “That’s what friends are for. We will fight to keep our partners. You should confront Jack and tell him how you feel, I bet that he fells the same for you”. Ianto sighed “It’s not that easy, Jack doen’t like “The L Word” Rhys continued “Then you have to dare and say what you feel.” Ianto nodded “Someday I will”. Rhys stood “I’m hungry and you and I are not going to waste the booking I made in the restaurant, so, would you do the honor of accompanying me to dinner?” Rhys offered his arm to Ianto. Ianto smiled, stood up and clasped his arm with Rhys “It’ll be a pleasure.”

An hour later, Gwen and Jack entered the hub. Jack called “Yan, bring me a coffe.” Tosh said “He’s not here”. Jack frowned “Where is he?” Owen answered maliciously “He went to dinner with Rhys. I would worry about you two, they were arm in arm.” Gwen was speechless “My Rhys?” Tosh scolded Owen “Don’t bother. Rhys came to take you to dinner. You were not so he went with Ianto to keep the reservation. He said that if you arrived early to go to the Indian restaurant downtown.” Jack and Gwen ran. Owen was laughing “Did you see their faces?” Tosh nodded “Yes, the devil of jealousy”.

Jack and Gwen arrived at the restaurant and they saw Rhys and Ianto talking animatedly. Rhys saw them “Hey, over here”. They came up and Rhys hugged and kissed Gwen “Hi, love, I’m glad you were able to come.” Jack looked at Ianto, who flushed terribly. But everything went smoothly and the four spent a wonderful evening.

Rhys and Gwen went and Jack and Ianto approached the SUV. When Ianto was going to open the passenger door, he felt that Jack pushed him against the car and gave him one of those kisses that promised a night of passion and lust. Ianto instinctively raised one of his legs and pressed it against Jack’s hip. When they parted for air, Ianto became aware of where they were “Jack, I don’t want to get arrested for inmoral behavior in public places.” Jack smiled “You’re right.” Without letting Ianto go of, with one hand he opened the car door, then lifted Ianto from the ground and sat him in the passenger seat, where he gave a peck on him and said “When we get to my room, I’ll fuck you till morning!” Ianto was a bit dizzy. Jack sat in the driver’s seat and put the car in gear with a big grin on his face. Ianto was thinking “I have to do this. Someday I have to tell Jack how much I love him, really, before it was too late.”


“In good times

And bad times

I’ll be on your side forever more

That’s what friends are for”














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