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A new friend for Ianto (chapter 4 of 8)

Title: A new friend for Ianto
Author: nikki_b1 
Beta: A brittish friend of mine who is not on LJ.
Rating: NC-17
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ianto/Gabe (my OG)
Summary: This takes place in the time between season 1 and 2 when Jack is gone off with the doctor. 
Disclaimer: I´m taking the liberty to play in the world of Torchwood even though it belongs to RTD and BBC
I love to get some comments so please drop me a line or two. Hope you will enjoy it.

Part four

When he woke up he was alone in the bed. He got up, put on a pair of boxers and found he was also alone in the flat. Gabe had left, and he must have been extremely silent in doing so because Ianto had always been a very light sleeper.

His first reaction was confusion. He went over in his head what had happened the night before. What they had done and said to each other. He couldn’t think of anything that would have provoked the young man to leave without a goodbye. He looked around to see if there was a note somewhere. He didn’t find anything. He even went into the bathroom and let the hot water run for awhile to see if the steam would reveal a message on the mirror. Jack often left messages there, but now there was nothing. 

He checked his phone but there were no texts and no missed calls. He made coffee and toast and sat down. His gaze wandered out the window where the sun was shining. He realized he had several different feelings in him. One was a little bit of hurt for being left so rudely. Another one was of worry about what had made Gabe leave like that.

But then there was a third feeling. And it had nothing to do with the fact that Gabe had left. It had everything to do with the way they had fucked. Or rather how Ianto had fucked Gabe. He had been careful and gentle at first but towards the end he had fucked him so hard. He had felt like he owned the world. He had felt stronger and more powerful than he had ever done with Jack. Sure Jack had occasionally let Ianto fuck him but even at those times, when he had been on top, it had still been the captain’s wish. He was always, always in charge. And he never let Ianto forget it. But now, for the first time, Ianto had gotten a taste of what it was like on the other side and he loved it. He could feel himself getting a stiffie just thinking about it. He shoved his hand down his boxers and started stroking himself. He closed his eyes and let images of Gabe`s body, his ass in particular flicker by. His cock got harder and harder and he jerked faster and faster. It only took a couple of minutes before he came and soiled his underwear. He smiled at himself and headed for the shower.

On his way to work he thought about how he should handle this situation. Should he wait and see if Gabe got in touch or should he reach out to him himself? And if so; should he call or send a text message? He couldn’t decide and as soon as he got through the cogwheel door he was immediately thrown into action, forcing him to put the whole thing on hold anyway.

Gwen looked seriously stressed and seemed to be running around searching for something. Tosh was fiercely concentrated in front of her monitor.

“Ianto!” yelled Gwen when she spotted him “I was just about to call you! PC Andy called. There has been an unexplained death. He said he couldn’t explain over the phone, only that we absolutely HAD to come look at it. I swear I’ve never heard him sound so distressed. Owen is already bringing the SUV around so we better hurry. I think Tosh should stay here and keep us updated. Let’s go!” she tossed an earpiece to Ianto and they headed towards the door.

Owen drove like a madman. He hardly ever got to be the one behind the wheel and he thoroughly enjoyed it. After a fifteen minute drive they reached an area with old industrial buildings. Most of them looked abandoned, there were holes in the fences and traces of vandalism, litter and graffiti. At a parking lot two police cars stood with blue lights flashing. One young officer was sealing the area off with police tape.  

Gwen, Ianto and Owen quickly got out of the car and found three other officers. Two of them had gone off to the side to puke. The third was PC Andy Davidson. His face was pale and he looked like he was about to join them any second.

“Andy?” said Gwen as she approached him and grabbed his arms. “What’s happened here? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

“Huh? Gwen!” Andy focused on looking at her and swallowed hard. “Ghost? No…worse…I can’t…” he pointed towards something that was on the other side of one of the police cars. Ianto and Owen treaded carefully around it while Gwen remained by Andy’s side. On the ground were the remains of what looked like a human being. It was laid out like a display. The body had been dismembered and cut up into a hundred small pieces that were placed side by side to create a pattern of a meandering line. At one end there was an ear, followed by a big toe, followed by what seemed to be a kidney and then a large muscle that could be a thigh and so on. Different body pieces in different sizes, one after another. It took time to take it all in. They were both dumbstruck.

“Ianto? Owen? ” called Gwen “What is it?” Neither of them answered. They just couldn’t find any words to describe what this was. Finally Gwen let go of Andy and came around herself.

“Oh my god!” she said. “What the hell…”

Ianto was the first to regain some sort of composure.

“Owen, you’re the physician, what do you make of this?”

Owen cleared his throat.

“It seems to be the remains of one human being; I can only see one brain, one liver, one heart. And it was a man.” He pointed at the severed genitals on the ground. “I don’t think he was killed here, there is an obvious lack of blood. It suggests that he’d been drained and cut up somewhere else and then transported here.”

“This has got to be the most twisted thing I have ever seen” said Gwen. Ianto turned to Andy.

“What made you call us? Is there any indication of something alien here?” Andy looked surprised at the question.

“Well, I don’t know, I just…it seems so…inhumane. Like it had to be done by something…not human, you know”

“I see your point but, you know, unless there is some real evidence of alien threat, it really isn’t our thing.” He turned away and touched his earpiece “Tosh! Has there been any rift activity in the area lately?” He nodded and thanked her and turned to Owen and Gwen. “There is nothing for us here. It’s a police matter.” Both of them nodded and seemed a bit relieved at the fact that they didn’t have to work this case. It was just a bit too scary. 

“Andy” said Gwen and put her hand on the young PC´s shoulder “You seem to be the one that is most clear headed of you guys here” she nodded towards the two that for the moment seemed to have stopped puking but still looked decidedly queasy. “You need to call your captain, the chief superintendent. This is a matter for him, not us” she paused “Andy, I’m glad you still feel you can call me whenever. Please don’t ever stop doing that, but you understand this don’t you?”  Andy nodded “Keep me posted” she said and hugged him, and then he picked up the phone. The Torchwood team went back to the SUV.

Later that day, Ianto was sitting by Jack’s desk and sorting through some papers. He and Gwen had a silent agreement when it came to leadership duties. She would handle any contact with local authorities and government etc. He would handle requisitions and finances. And when it came to decision-making, the four of them often found a democratic way to solve things but if they didn’t then Gwen had the last say. After all, Jack had appointed her second in command. But they all felt reluctant to step into Jacks shoes completely. Each of them carried their own unspoken hopes of his return. The first week after he left they had been very confused and had shared each others fears and worries quite a lot but then it was as if they all decided to get back to business as usual and not talk about him in terms of `what would Jack do?´. His name came up from time to time of course but not as often as one would have expected. Ianto felt glad about that. He didn’t want Owen to think he knew more than the others and he certainly didn’t want the girls to start pitying him or something like that! The less spoken about Jack, the better all-round.  

The paperwork was getting a bit tedious and he found his mind wandering. He thought about the horrific sight they had seen this morning, wondered what that would turn out to be about. The thought of someone that sick walking around loose in Cardiff sent a chill down his spine. Then he got to thinking about Gabe. He decided to send him a text message. He kept it short and just wrote `Hey! Everything alright? Time for a beer? ´ Just as he was finished Gwen walked in the door.

“Hey. You’ve been cooped up here most of the day. We’ve been talking about going for a beer. Wanna come?”

“Eeeeh…” he dragged the answer out, not knowing if he would get any reply from Gabe. “Better not. Someone’s got to be on call eh?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Gwen sounded a little disappointed but instead of leaving she sat down. “Are you alright Ianto? I mean, it feels like we hardly ever talk these days. Do you miss him?”

“I’m fine Gwen. And I can honestly say that I don’t really think of him much these days. Do you?”  

“Sometimes…yeah…this place seems…don’t get me wrong, I think everyone of us has done our absolute best at keeping morals up but it just seems a little…joyless…know what I mean?”  

“Yeah, I know…” just then his phone rang. Gwen immediately got up, waving goodbye and hurried out. It was Gabe.


“Hello Ianto. It’s me, Gabe.”

“Yes I saw that. So how are you then?”

“I’m fine. Listen…I’m sorry I left without a word this morning.”

“Well, why did you?”

“Do you want to meet me? I’ll try and explain then.”

“Alright. Same place as yesterday. Half an hour?”

“Perfect! See you there then.”

Ianto hurried downstairs and managed to catch the others before they had left.

“Hey, something’s come up. I can’t be on call tonight. And besides I think I’ve done more than my share in that department so who wants to baby-sit?”

“What? Got a big date tea boy? Tired of pining for Jack already?” Owen smirked.

“Yes! A have a date with a great big hard man and we are going to make great big hard man love all night!” Ianto did sometimes get so fed up with Owens snide remarks.

“Alright! Alright!” He lifted his hands in the air “Bite my head off why don’t you! I’ll stay here…You lot go out and enjoy yourself whatever your plans are!” he winked at Ianto “And you! Stay safe!” He said it in jest because he didn’t for one second believe that Ianto could actually have a date. Ianto felt all irritation just slip away and smiled as he winked back.

“Always do!”  

To be continued


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