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The Space Between Things (Interlude)

Title: The Space Between Things (Interlude)
Characters: Jack/Ianto. mentions Doctors and Tardis's.
Length: around 500
Rating: R-ish?
Spoilers: Cyberwoman and Utopia trilogy and Day 4.
Warnings: it might make your teeth ache its so sweet.
Summary: The morning after the first day of their lives.

Disclaimers: Jack belongs to Ianto. Ianto belongs to Jack. Thats really all that's important.

A/N: I am having trouble with Chapter 6... so I figured.. as a gift to all of you wonderful people who have helped to cheer me up today... a bit of an interlude. picks up immediatley or so from the last chapter. Just a little fluff to tide you over till the probable angst of Chapter 6


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