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04 February 2011 @ 06:38 pm
A new friend for Ianto. The Epilogue.  

Title: A new friend for Ianto
Author: nikki_b1 
It is unbetaed so please forgive any mistakes.
Rating: NC-17
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ianto/Jack
Summary: This takes place just after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Disclaimer: I´m taking the liberty to play in the world of Torchwood even though it belongs to RTD and BBC
I love to get some comments so please drop me a line or two. Hope you will enjoy it.


Almost three weeks had passed since Jack had come home.


The good people of Cardiff was slowly letting go of the panic that had been gripping them after the horrific ritualistic killings. The Cardiff police had put the hunt on the backburner. The media had been frantic about getting an interview with the last and only surviving victim called James but he was determined to stay silent. Ianto was grateful for that. So grateful in fact that he arranged for the young man to have a personal bodyguard that would help keep even the most tenacious paparazzi at bay. It was a big muscular guy who could stare anyone into submission.

A certain calm descended over the city as everyone seemed to agree that the mad killer must have left the area. Only Ianto and Tosh knew the truth. He had left. But he had come back. Luckily the retcon Ianto had given him had done what it was supposed to and Captain John Hart hadn’t recognised Ianto. The reason he had come to Cardiff the first time was to get in touch with Jack and when he didn’t find him there he indulged in something that had amused him, sick bastard that he was. This time Jack had been there so he hadn’t needed any other “amusement”.

Evidently Hart needed Jacks help to find some rare diamond or whatever. Ianto didn’t really care. The Torchwood team had certainly had their work cut out for them with all the mess that he created this time. But they all handled themselves like the trained professionals they were and when Hart left again they could all pat themselves on their backs for a job well done.

Somewhere in the midst of it all Jack had found time to ask Ianto out on a proper date. And now the time had come.

“I’ll pick you up at seven. Is that okay?” asked Jack and Ianto hade nodded. He didn’t really know what to think of it all. Him and Jack. There hadn’t been much more than a couple of chaste kisses and hugs since he got back. So this was the moment where they would make or break their relationship as far as Ianto was concerned. It made him nervous. He spent hours in the bathroom getting ready. It was like therapy for him. Paying extra attention to his exterior had always calmed him down. He put on a dark grey suit, a blood red shirt and a grey silk tie. When he was done he felt a lot more at ease.

The doorbell rang at precisely seven o’clock. He paced his steps heading for the door in an effort not to get himself too excited. But once the door was open his heart made a double flip in his chest when he saw the bouquet of a dozen red roses and the Captains wide smile behind it.

“Good evening Mr Jones. Please accept these flowers as a token of my gratitude toward you for giving me this second chance.” He said and bowed as he extended his hand. Ianto took the bouquet and buried his face amongst the flowers and drew a deep breath. They smelled lovely and made Ianto feel slightly dizzy. He had never been given flowers before. Not ever.

Ianto threw his arms around Jack and whispered in his ear.

“Thank you Jack. You are just so…” he didn’t really know how to end the sentence so instead he kissed him. This time for real. Deeply and full of warm passion. He wrapped his hand forcefully around Jack’s neck. A gesture that signalled something about how he had now become a more assertive and empowered person. Jack didn’t seem to mind one bit and nestled his arms around Ianto´s waist. When the kiss finally ebbed out they remained with their foreheads leaning against one another for a while, just breathing and looking into each others eyes.

“I need to put these in water” he finally said.

They walked to the little spanish taverna where Jack had made reservations. They made some silly small talk on the way. Ianto couldn’t help noticing that Jack seemed a little nervous. He found that to be slightly amusing and it made him feel calmer and even more in charge.

“Good evening sirs. I’m Alejandro and I’ll be your waiter tonight. This way please.” The young man showed them to their table and presented them with the menu.

“Can I offer you a drink while you decide on what to eat?”

Jack and Ianto answered yes at the same time and with a giggle Jack extended his hand towards Ianto who continued.

“We’d like a bottle of Rioja please.”

“Very good sir” said the waiter and scurried off. He soon came back and served the wine, first to Ianto and when getting his approval, then also poured Jack a glass. Once they were left alone they lifted their glasses and drank to each others health.

“Can I ask you something Ianto?” asked Jack then.

“Sure, what?”

“This guy you were with when I was gone. I’m not without jealousy, but he’s gone and you’re sitting here with me now. I wish…I have hopes…” Jack was stuttering and Ianto looked on with a certain degree of amusement.

“What are you trying to say Jack?”

Jack let out a sigh and continued.

“I really hope that you and I could get back together. Not just as lovers but as best friends too. And that means I should probably know a little more about what happened to you while I was gone don’t you think? Would you like to tell me a little more about him?”

It was Ianto´s turn to let out a sigh.

“Okay” he said and took a sip of wine before he started telling Jack the story about the young boy he’d found crying outside the tourist office one day. It took him most of dinner to get though it all and Jack was hanging on his every word, just interrupting with a few follow up questions. Ianto didn’t go into graphic details but he did try to explain his feelings. Towards Gabe in general but more specifically towards himself and his own internal change. How it had made him feel stronger and more empowered.

“I have always thought of you as one of the strongest people I have ever known.” said Jack then.

“What? You never made me feel it!”

“I’m sorry for that. It’s true though! Ever since that very first time when you threw yourself into battle with that weevil in the park I thought you must be one of the bravest men I’d met.” He paused and Ianto just looked at him. “And then every single day after that you did something that just blew my mind away. I mean, strength and power are not very hard things to have when you know you’re immortal. But you’re not. You have true courage Ianto. True strength!”

“My god Jack! I had no idea you thought of me that way!”

“Well now you know.” said Jack and lifted his glass and with a warm smile he added “And again, I’m sorry for not letting you know it before.”

“Oh Jack Harkness! You are totally getting lucky tonight!” he laughed, and when he saw Jack blushing he felt a surge of pure love cursing through his whole body. `This was it´ he thought. It had always been him. Only him. Only Jack.

Later when they got back to Ianto´s flat the anticipation in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Ianto knew he had the upper hand and he intended to relish the moment. Jack wasn’t going to take the first step. Not this time, and they both knew it. Ianto put on some music and lit a few candles before getting them each a glass of whiskey. Finally they both sat down on the sofa.

“So Jack…” started Ianto and took a sip of the smooth beverage “you look a bit nervous. Why is that?”

“Well…to be honest I feel a bit insecure.” He paused and added a self-observation with his eyes averted “I don’t think I’d ever admitted that to anyone before.” then he looked back at Ianto “There is something new at play here. Something new between us.”

“And it makes you nervous does it? In a bad way?”

“No! No, not in a bad way, more like…ever been skydiving? A bit like that.” Ianto laughed at that comparison. He let another moment of anticipation stretch out between them before he decided it was time to put the poor captain out of his misery. He leaned in real close and left only a sliver of air between their faces.

“Well then. Are you gonna jump freely or do I have to push you?” He could see Jack trembling and closing his eyes. Ianto just looked at him and waited. And then, as if it was the first time in the history of mankind that two people had ever kissed, Jack slowly closed the gap between them and let his lips meet Ianto´s. A charge of electricity seemed to rush through both of their veins. Ianto sank into the kiss and the sensation of feeling so familiar with these lips, this mouth and at the same time it feeling so different. Their tongues at first flicking curiously and then more and more boldly wrestling in an effort to arouse the other as much as possible. Ianto could hear Jack breathing heavier through the nose. After what seemed like an eternity he broke free and stood up. He looked down at Jack and extended his hand.

“You. Me. Bedroom. Now!” Jack took his hand and followed without a word. Once there Ianto let go of Jacks hand and backed away.

“I want to see you strip. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes Ianto. I’ll do anything you want right now.”

“Good” said Ianto and sat down on the bed, leaning his back against the headboard. He removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt as he watched Jack slowly pushing down the braces from his shoulders. He started to sway his hips a little to the sound of the music as he let one button after the other slip through their holes. He tugged the shirt up from the waist of his trousers and revealed his chest and stomach. He let the shirt slide over his shoulders and fall to the floor. Ianto had to draw a deep breath at the sight of the captains’ bare chest. He had almost forgotten how gorgeous he was. Then he undid the belt buckle and drew the belt through the loops in one swift motion. He tossed it over towards Ianto as a gesture that it could be used later if it would please him. Ianto smiled and grabbed it, folded it twice and made a motion with his hands first pushing them towards one another and then quickly apart, thus creating a sound of the two sides of the belt falling against each other with a smack! He could see that the sound made Jack shiver slightly and his nipples hardened. He stepped out of his shoes and removed his socks before he finally reached for the zipper of his trousers. Ianto moved closer and sat on the side of the bed. Jack stood only a couple of feet in front of him. His groin in perfect level with Ianto´s eyes when he slowly pulled the zipper down. He boldly took a step even closer and Ianto decided to take it from there. He grabbed Jack’s trousers and pulled them and his underwear down in one go. Jack’s smooth and silky cock was pointing proudly towards the ceiling. Ianto leaned back to take in the view better. Then Jack instinctively kneeled in front of him and started opening his zipper. Ianto´s hard cock immediately sprung free once it was released and Jack kissed the glistening tip. Ianto gasped when the captain took his cock into his warm wet mouth. Letting his tongue swirl around the head at first and then closed his lips around the shaft, sucking in his full length.

“Oh fuck! That feels so good!” Ianto was breathing heavy and grabbed Jack’s hair as his head was bobbing up and down in an increasing tempo. He had almost forgotten how good Jack was at this. The man had had centuries of training after all. But when he felt he was getting close he pulled Jacks face away.

“Lube yourself “ he said and opened the bedside drawer. Jack did as he was told without hesitation and Ianto put a condom on himself in the meantime. When the preparations was over Ianto grabbed Jacks hips and turned him around. He leaned in and nibbled his left butt cheek playfully and then pulled him down to sit on his lap. His hard-on pressed against his crack as he sat down and Ianto grabbed his chin and turned his face so they could kiss. It was a wet and sloppy kiss and then Jack lifted his hips and steered Ianto´s cock inside him and slowly leaned back down letting it glide all the way in. They both gasped and Ianto let his hands wander across Jack’s chest and when he stopped to pinch his nipples he let out a loud moan. He kept twisting and pulling them until Jack howled.

“AOW! Fuck, Ianto! That feels so good!”

Jack flexed his thigh muscles as he lifted his hips up and then back down again. The sensation felt like a fire licking them both just beneath the skin. Ianto´s throat was dry and he couldn’t seem to find his voice so he just whispered in Jack’s ear:

“Oh god Jack! Do that again!”

Jack obeyed. And obeyed and obeyed. He picked up a rhythm to his thrusts and their moans turned into loud groans. Ianto grabbed hold of Jacks cock and work it in the same rhythm. His nostrils was tickled with the smell of Jacks 51:st century pheromones mixed with his sweat The fact that Jack was completely naked while he himself was fully clothed turned him on even further. The sound of their jagged breaths and the feeling of having his cock thoroughly milked by Jacks glorious sphincter muscle soon became too much for Ianto.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” he screamed “I’m coming!” and then that oh so familiar tingling that emerged in his balls began to rise up through the shaft in an unstoppable motion and he came and came in waves of pleasure and Jack spilled his load over his hand at the same time. He closed his eyes and literally saw stars. He couldn’t remember the last time he had come so hard. He pulled his arms tight around Jacks waist and rested his head against his back. They just sat like that, panting for a while and then Jack stood up on shaky legs and fell back onto the bed next to Ianto who moved over and made more room for him.

“God Ianto!” said Jack “That was amazing!”

“It was!” replied Ianto with a laugh as he wiggled out of his clothes and pulled the duvet up over them. Jack snuggled up close to him and Ianto pulled him into his embrace. They lay quietly just breathing for a while. Ianto enjoyed the calmness coming down from his orgasmic high.

“Ianto” said Jack then “If you ever want to…well…do to me some of the things you did to that other guy…use some toys or something…well…I…I wouldn’t mind that.” Ianto lifted his head and looked Jack in the eyes.

“Jack Harkness! You would do anything to get back in my good books wouldn’t you?”

“I would! I don’t know what I would do if you shut me out. Being with you is all I want.”

“Oh you silly man!” said Ianto and gave him a gentle smack on the chin “I wouldn’t shut you out. I couldn’t. It’s you! Jack! It’s always been just you Jack!”

And then they kissed again.

The end.


pinkpolyanthuspinkpolyanthus on February 4th, 2011 05:59 pm (UTC)
This whole story was unbelievably gorgeous!! ;)
nikki_b1nikki_b1 on February 4th, 2011 08:18 pm (UTC)
Wow! Big praise! Thanks! You´re making me blush now...
Glad you liked it.

Love Nikki
super_subsuper_sub on February 4th, 2011 09:04 pm (UTC)
Fantastic ending. I really loved it. :)
nikki_b1nikki_b1 on February 4th, 2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I´m happy you liked it.

Love Nikki!
pharlap1pharlap1 on February 4th, 2011 09:10 pm (UTC)
love the story sad it fin
nikki_b1nikki_b1 on February 4th, 2011 10:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much. It means a lot to hear that.

Lots of love!