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Characters: Jack-Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen.

Summary: Ianto is daydreaming about Jack.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, music, songs, anything, I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whith this fic.

Note: Happy Birthday, my dear baddly knitted!!! This fic is for you and everything you want I hope you got it!!!




The team was gathered in the boardroom. Jack was explaining details of the last meeting he had with the Prime Minister. Ianto looked at Gwen, her eyes were lost in space, she looked a little cross-eyed; Owen was trying to hide his yawns, but he was failing in the attempt and Tosh… lovely Tosh was taking notes, or would she be drawing stick figures??? Jack continued with his boring speech. Ianto sighed and stared at Jack. Every time I look into your lovely eyes, I see a love that money just can't buy. Ianto started daydreaming "Jack, I remember the day I met you, when I looked for the first time into your beautiful blue eyes and you gave me one of your stunning smiles. At that moment I think I lost the little sanity I had left and I started to love you. I had to beg you to give me this job, I would have worked for free to you. The love I began to feel for you could pay for everything. One look from you, I drift away. I pray that you are here to stay. You always looked at me intensely, curiously trying to figure out my secrets. I felt at that moment that everything revolved around me, I was losing control of myself. I just wanted you were with me. Anything you want, you got it. Anything you need, you got it. Anything at all, you got it. Cariad! And then, I gave up, I surrendered to my feelings and I just gave everything to you.

Every time I hold you I begin to understand, Everything about you tells me you’re my man. Then I knew I didn’t care that you were a man, you just took me in your arms, you were my man, the one and only. All my life I was waiting for you. I live my life to be with you. No one can do the things you do.You taught me a whole new universe, new sensations. You gave a new meaning to my life. Your tricks of seduction, the wonders you do in bed. It gives me goosebumps just remembering how you make love to me. Anything you want. Anything you need. Anything at all. I believe that there is nothing in this world that I can deny you. I'm glad to give my love to you. I know you feel the way I do. It's simple, I love you, Jack, with all my soul, my heart and my body. I don’t care if you never tell me back, it’s not necessary. I know and I’m convinced that you love me like I love you, it tells me how you look at me, kiss me, touch me, hold me until I was completely at your mercy. Anything you want, you got it. Anything you need, you got it. Anything at all, you got it. Cariad!

“Ianto, Ianto, hey.” Gwen was calling Ianto. "Teaboy is completely crazy about Jack. He was staring at him and drooling on his tie." Tosh giggled. "Enough, Owen, he was just daydreaming." Everyone laughed. Jack frowned, "You were not paying attention to my speech." Ianto blushed to the ears "Sorry, I ..." Jack smiled maliciously, "Don’t worry, Yan, I was only teasing you. Could you give me a coffee??" Ianto smiled and stood up very happy You got it.”



“Anything you want, you got it
Anything you need, you got it
Anything at all, you got it
Anything at all
You got it”


Tags: fanfic

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