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Characters: Jack-Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, Detective Kathy Swanson, PC Andy Davidson, O.C.

Summary: A series of horrible murders, takes Ianto to work undercover in a theater.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, ideas, music, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whith this fic.




Andy was on duty that night when he heard the call. Another maimed body had appeared in the Fantasy Theatre. Quickly he went to the place. It was an old theater in town, a new company had bought it to set up a play. When he arrived, there was Detective Swanson. She looked astonished at the cadaver "Is the third in a month, under the same conditions." It was the body of a boy in his twenties, his face and neck had been cut, had taken the mouth, larynx and vocal cords. Andy felt the bile was stirred in his mouth "That is not normal." The detective agreed "Although I don’t like the idea, I think we have to communicate with Torchwood."

Jack, Gwen and Owen were submitted to the crime scene. Jack saw the Detective and spoke to her "Hello, Detective, what is so terrible that the police need our help." "This" said Kathy. "Wow, that’s disgusting" Owen growled. Gwen was stunned "Who could have done this?" The detective snorted "That's what you have to find out. It is the third body we found. Two were in the alley of the theater and now this in here. They all worked for the theater company." Jack looked at the corpse "What did the owner of the company say??" Kathy answered "Nothing, he doesn’t want to suspend the play. But now I think we'll have to oblige him." Gwen was talking to Andy and measuring the energy of the place "Here there is a strong concentration of energy of the rift." Andy looked at her "That's bad?" "Very bad. Jack, there is strong energy readings of the rift." Jack told Kathy "No, the show must go on, we are going to help you with the investigation." The detective nodded "Ok, Harkness."

At the hub, the team was gathered in the boardroom. Owen was explaining how the cuts were made to the victims "The vital organs which reproduce the voice were removed from the bodies.” Tosh chilled "That's creepy.” Jack continued to explain "One of the boys sang in the choir of the musical that the company is rehearsing. The other two auditioned, but failed. All three have in common that they sing.” Ianto was concerned "What musical are they going to represent??" Owen snorted "Teaboy, we are trying to solve some crimes and you’re just interested into the musical?" Ianto blushed. Jack smiled "It’s a play written by the director Giles Relic, for his boyfriend, the name is "We fell in love in spring." Ianto raised an eyebrow "His boyfriend?" "Yes, the main couple of the play are two boys. One of them is from the high society, a gentleman, and the other is poor, he works in a florist." Gwen added "I understood is like a gay version of "Romeo and Juliet" and "My Fair Lady." Owen groaned "Come to the point." Tosh talked "I believe that the murderer must work in the theater." Owen continued with his black humor "An alien is working in a musical, he suddenly feels he is an art critic and decides to kill the terrible singers of the play." "Owen." Tosh told him off. Gwen continued "Maybe someone could infiltrate into the theater. I heard they needed a stagehand." Ianto coughed softly "They don’t know me. I could do it." Tosh agreed "That's a good idea." Jack frowned "I don’t like it. The murderer kills boys on their twenties." Ianto laughed "Jack, I would go to work with lights and curtains, not to sing." Jack held out his hand and took Ianto’s "I don’t want anything happen to you." Ianto looked at him lovingly "Cariad, don’t worry." Owen cleared his throat "Get a room." Jack continued "Well, okay. But we'll be watching you."

Giles Relic was a tall, thick, about forty years old, fairly ordinary guy, but with a lot of money. He stared at Ianto, "Well, boy, here there is much work, in three weeks we have the premier and the stage has to be ready. You can start working now. You'll be the assistant of the old Ben, he will tell you what you have to do." Ianto nodded politely, "Yes, sir." He heard a few quick steps and entered a guy in his early twenties, blonde, dressed in a rather striking way. "Gily, Im very tired and Nigel wants to keep practicing." Behind him came a handsome man of thirty-something, black hair and piercing green eyes. Giles sighed, "Please, Lynn, you need to continue rehearsing at least one more hour." Lynn looked at Ianto contemptuously. "And, who is he???" "It's the new props, your name was" asked Giles. The handsome man didn’t take his eyes off of Ianto. Ianto blushed and could barely answer "Ianto." Giles continued "It’s true. Where is the old Ben?? Ben, Ben ". Giles went to find him. The man introduced himself "I’m Nigel Dempsey. Nice to meet you." and offered his hand to Ianto, who shook it even more flushed “Wow, he’s so handsome.” Ianto thought. Giles returned with old Ben, a man of about sixty, short and fat, looking very nice. "Hi, I'm the old Ben and you're Yan. Come with me, here there is much to do." Ben pulled him and took him away. Nigel shouted "See you later."

A week passed without incidents. Ianto was adapted to the life in the theater. That night at the hub, Ianto was giving his report "The atmosphere is nice, in fact, I suspect no one so far." Owen could not help but tease him "What I've noticed the other night is that the lead singer will not take his eyes off you." Ianto blushed violently "That makes me very uncomfortable." Jack snorted "You should tell him that you have a boyfriend." Everyone laughed. Gwen said, "Hey, Jack is jealous." Jack felt uncomfortable "Jealous, no. I trust in Yan, not in that dude." Ianto smiled "I’m not going to change you for anyone. You don’t have to worry about." Tosh spoke "Owen, it's almost our surveillance turn. Andy's turn ends in half an hour. We better go." Owen rose "Good night, boys." Gwen also rose "Rhys is expecting me. I'm going too. Behave yourselves, guys." Jack smiled maliciously. "Take care, see you tomorrow. Good night."

When they were alone, Jack approached Ianto and hugged him "I don’t like you're the whole day in the theater." Ianto snuggled into his neck "I miss you, but it’s part of my job." Jack kissed him "Bed???" Ianto nodded.

Jack and Ianto were sleeping soundly, when a call woke them, it was Owen, Jack answered "What happens??" "There was another murder. But it was not in the theater. It was ten blocks away. Another choir boy was found dead." Jack was amazed "No way. I'm coming." Ianto was scared "What happened???" Jack hugged him "One of the choir boys was found dead, like the others. You stay here. I'm going to investigate." Ianto tried to get out of bed "But, Jack ..." "Baby, they can not see us together, remember. I have to go." "Ok, be careful." Jack kissed him and left. Ianto felt very sad, he had made friends with some of the choir guys.

The next day, everybody in the theater was very worried and sad. Giles could not believe itI lost one of the best of the choir boys. This play will not be completed on time." Nigel scolded him "You should do something about our security." Lynn was really scared, "Yes, Gily, maybe I'm the next victim." The old Ben and Ianto were listening to the conversation while fixing the curtain. The old Ben snorted "With that horrible voice, he should not worry about anything." Ianto could not help but laughing, Lynn actually had won the role in the play only because he was the director's boyfriend. Suddenly, Ianto saw that Detective Swanson and Jack entered the theater.

Giles was angry "Detective, I thought you were watching the theater." Kathy looked at him "We watch every night, but we will step up the surveillance. Captain Jack Harkness and his team help us monitor the theater at night, but they are going to be here at day, too." Jack was one of his most dazzling smiles. Lynn did his best impression of a blowfish. Giles agreed "Well, I hope you catch the murderer, I can not loose more people, I have a lot of money invested in this play." Jack promised "We will do our best." Giles introduced the rest of the cast and the workers. When it came Ianto’s turn, he flushed. Nigel noticed it and he made a face of disgust. Jack explained "We will be in the theater day and night, we’re going to stop the murders."

The days passed quietly. The old Ben and Ianto had become friends. "Yan, I need to test the sound equipment and Master Lynn does not want to sing. You could sing a few bars of the song, the one where the protagonists know each other. That song has the higher registers and I need to see if all the speakers work well." asked the old Ben, Ianto flushed violently "But I don’t really know the song." Ben snorted "You sing what you can, I don’t think you get it worse than our young florist." Ianto stood in the middle of the stage, the music started and Ianto sang. Ianto knew the song really well, he had learned it listening Lynn. As he sang, he began to feel something in his body, a heat was invading him. All the others had been silent, Ianto was singing beautiful. While he sang, Nigel went on stage and sang his part as well. Ianto felt dizzy, he could not stop singing, it was unreal, he was floating. When the song ended, everyone clapped, Ianto began to regain consciousness and he saw Jack in the back of the theater watching him, but he was serious, he seemed annoyed.



“The Phantom of the Opera is there inside my mind

Beware the Phantom of the Opera

Is that the Phantom of the Opera???

Sing, my angel

Sing for me.”





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