analineblue (analineblue) wrote in jackxianto,

Fic: Colors Come and Go

Title: Colors Come and Go
Author: analineblue
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Ianto
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff
Word Count: ~2,300
Summary: It’s Ianto’s day off, and Jack is a bit surprised when he finds out what Ianto has been doing with his spare time.

Notes: Written for this week's redisourcolor challenge. Theme = flowers. Title is from the e.e. cummings poem this is the garden:colours come and go. I don't usually write from Jack's POV, but this just sort of happened? And I hope you enjoy it. :)

( Colors Come and Go )
Tags: fanfic, fanfic:pg

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