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Fic: Coffee


Title: Coffee
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones 
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The boys belong to the BBC and Russell T Davies...

A/N: This was originally part of something bigger... the rest was really bad though so I scrapped it, now it's little and miles better.

“Ianto!” Jack’s booming American voice radiated throughout the hub, Ianto was in the middle of making a fresh batch of coffee, which is what he knew Jack was calling for so he didn’t reply, he just let Jack call out a few more times sounding progressively more irritated each time.

He put the girls coffees both by their computers, eliciting a grin and a thank you from each of them, he then went down to the med bay where Owen had his hands in something really gross and dead looking so he placed his mug on the tray full of scalpels and left again before the thing on the table made him puke. He got no thank you from Owen, he didn’t expect one.


Finally he made his way up to Jack’s office, he left Jack till last for two reasons, one being that everyone else is closer and to Ianto it makes sense to go around in that particular order. And two being that he knew Jack was a very impatient man when it came to coffee. Or Ianto.


“Here you go Sir” Ianto said softly as he half knocked, half walked straight into Jack’s office. Jack looked up from the pile of papers on his desk and smiled, Ianto wasn’t sure if he was smiling at the coffee or at Ianto but either way, his smile was gorgeous.

“Thanks Yan” Jack grinned as he took the hot mug from Ianto, brushing his hand ever so lightly against the other mans.

He closed his eyes, breathing in the strong aroma, “Jesus Ianto, you’re coffee is near orgasmic”

“Only near Sir?” Ianto quipped, it didn’t fail to make Jack raise an eyebrow, “It’s just, Sir, that I see the coffee I make as reflection of myself” Ianto was beginning to look slightly flustered which only made Jack’s expression more flirtatious.

“Well” Jack said, standing abruptly from his chair and placing the mug on top of the Top Secret UNIT files, he walked around the desk until he was in front of Ianto, completely in his space.

“You are definitely more...” he pressed himself against the younger man, holding his neck and the back of his head, forcing their lips together in a warm, lingering kiss. “Much more than near orgasmic”


Ianto was well aware of how needy he must look, breath hitching with every second heart beat, blood pooling in his cheeks making him an odd red colour.

Jack pushed him against the filing cabinet and Ianto went without any resistance, before he knew it his waistcoat was open and Jack’s hands were roaming across his shirted chest.

Ianto closed his eyes, letting Jack’s mouth tease it’s way along his jaw bone, his neck, his collar bone before coming back to capture his own mouth in another passionate kiss. Jack’s tongue begged entry and Ianto opened, letting Jack plunder his mouth with sensation.

Ianto’s hands clawed at Jack’s braces and scratched down his back, trying desperately to pull the Captain closer to him.


There was a loud “Ahem” at the opened door of Jack’s office, Owen looking far less than impressed by the sight of the two men being far less than professional.

Jack stepped away from Ianto, grinning smugly as he straightened his braces. Ianto went a darker shade of red before high-tailing it out of the office and back to the safety of the coffee machine.

“Jack, seriously? Do you two have to do that when the rest of us are here?”

Jack scoffed and winked, “Feel like you’re missing out Dr Harper” he leered

“Ew, No Jack, just...no”

Jack waited for Owen to mentally rid his mind of any images it may have conjured up before asking him what it was he wanted, “Weevil attack in Cardigan bay”

Jack grabbed his coat, grinning wildly.






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