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Title: What Will Be..
Chapters: 1/?
Author: zorell
Rating:  PG
Characters:   Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen.
Pairings:  Jack/Ianto.
Summary: Jack is making plans; Martha visits and meets the team.
Disclaimer:   Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD.

A/N: Set series two but different to cannon as this will be the first time the team meet Martha.
 Not a fan of Gwen so she doesn't come across too well - sorry.
A/N 2: This is my first attempt at writing a fic so apologies all round for bad writing, grammer and spelling mistakes, plot holes, bad title, and generally for it not being very good !  Talk about putting people off before even getting to the story ! - lol !   Hoping I've posted this alright, so if you still feel like reading the first chapter it's behind the cut . Thanks

   Jack hung up the telephone with a satisfied smile crossing his face.


Step two complete he thought to himself, now to finish his paper work . He was nearly finished when Gwen strode into his office.

“Why is Ianto the only one who knocks ?” Jack muttered under his breath, before addressing Gwen “What can I do for you Gwen ?” he asked as he looked up from the file he had been working on.

 “I wanted to run this past you,” Gwen said in that sickly sweet kind of way she used around Jack. Instead of standing on the opposite side of his desk she had moved to stand next to him and placed some papers on top of the file Jack had just been working on, making sure she brushed against him as she did so. Gwen’s closeness was making Jack feel uneasy. He got up from his desk and went to get a glass of water from the jug on the side cabinet in his office. It wasn’t so much that he wanted a drink, more a case of putting abit of space between Gwen and himself . Jack had noticed that Gwen was flirting more and more with him and to be honest he really wasn’t interested. Since coming back, he and Ianto had started  a’ proper’/ ‘normal ‘ relationship, - well as normal as two Torchwood employees could have - , and although Jack still flirted with the best of them it was in the line of duty and both Jack and Ianto knew it would go no further. Whatever Jack had felt for Gwen, and to be honest he had felt something , it was nothing compared to the deep and oh too real feelings he felt for Ianto. Jack wasn’t going to risk what he had with Ianto, he wasn’t going to do anything to hurt the love of his life, for that was what Ianto was - the love of Jacks very long life, his soul mate. Jack smiled as he looked down into the Hub and saw his lover handing Tosh her morning coffee.

 “ Jack... Jack ! ...we need to go through this ! ” Gwen was sounding more than a little put out that she didn’t have the Captains full attention . Just as Jack was about to speak his mobile rang , noticing the caller id a smile crossed his face.

“ Martha Jones voice of a nightingale. To what do I owe this pleasure ? ”

“ Hello Jack , wow you sound happy .”

“ That’s because I am .”

“ Tell me more .” Martha’s voice sounded like a school girl eager for the latest gossip !

“ I would love to but not right now.”

“ Oh, you’re no fun ! ”

“ I wouldn’t say that ! ”

Martha could just imagine the look on the Captains face and gave a small laugh.

 Jack sat back down at his desk as Ianto knocked at his office door, he motioned for him to enter , smiled and mouthed his thanks as the young Welshman put Jack’s blue and white striped mug full of coffee down on his desk.

 “ Sorry Gwen, I thought you were just dropping the papers off so I left your coffee at your workstation.” Ianto said apologetically noticing Gwen, who was now sitting in the visitors chair at Jack’s desk. She gave him a slight smile in acknowledgment.

 Jack’s phone conversation had continued as Ianto had entered the office.

“ This good mood wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain Welshman would it ?” Martha asked enquiringly. Although she had never met any of Jack’s team she knew about them. After the year that never was, while The Doctor was fixing The Tardis, she and Jack had spoken at length. Jack had told her about all his team, but when it came to Ianto what Jack said and the way he had said it told Martha that the young Welshman was very special to the Captain . Jack had told her he’d had time to think and had admitted to himself just what he felt for Ianto, and however scared he was Jack was going to ask the young man out and try to have a proper relationship with him. From Jacks tone Martha had a feeling things were working out for them.

“ And what if it does ? ” Jack replied, the smile evident in his voice.

“ Oh Jack that’s great ! He forgave you for leaving ? ”

“ Yep”

“ And you’re seeing each other ? ”

“ Yep ”

“ Properly ? ”

“ Oh yeah ! ”

“ And you’re happy ? ”

“ More than I’ve ever been Martha. ”

“ Oh Jack I’m so pleased for you ! ”

“ Thanks .” Jack said , his eyes following Ianto as he left Jack’s office and headed back down towards the kitchen area. “ Hold on Martha ,” Jack said, realising Gwen was still hovering in his office, “ Gwen I’ll look through ...”

“ We should go through it together Jack ,” Gwen interrupted.

“ We will go through it tomorrow .” Jack’s tone was firm and even Gwen realised she was being dismissed . As Gwen unhappily left his office the Captain returned to his conversation. “ Sorry about that Martha . So why the call? Nothings up at UNIT is it ?”

“ No everything’s fine. Tom’s in Cardiff at a conference so I’ve taken a couple of days leave to spend a bit of time with him. I thought if you’re not doing anything we could catch up properly, and I could get to meet , how was it you described him...oh yes...That gorgeous hunk of a Welshman with a voice to die for and eyes to drown in.”  Martha said smilingly.

Jack chuckled remembering describing Ianto to her, “ Sounds great. When were you thinking of ?”

“ How about...5 minutes time ?”

“ Where exactly are you Martha ?” Jack asked, suddenly checking the CCTV for around the Plass.

“ Just outside, hope you don’t mind ?”

Jack was up, out of his seat and heading out of his office.  

“ What do you think ?” he said closing his phone and heading out to meet her.

next chapter: http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/5303357.html#cutid1


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