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AU - The New Boss

Title: New Boss - 1/?

Rating: MA 15+

Fandom: Torchwood

Genre: AU/ Romance
Pairings: Jack /Ianto 

Spoilers None. AU but the names of the Episodes are mentioned

Summary: There is a new Boss for Torchwood Cardiff.

Jack and Ianto met

Words: 1,764 this part

Torchwood- Copyright BBC. 

Un-betaed so all mistakes are mine! - Looking for a beta if anyone is interested.

Italics are thoughts

Chapter One

Itinerary for Training Course 4

Transport Booked

Leave Cardiff Wednesday 18:30 hrs Cardiff Central
Change at Bath Spa
Arrive Paddington Wednesday 21:46

Leave Paddington Saturday 10:00 hrs
Change at Bristol Temple Meads
Arrive Cardiff Saturday 12:46

Accommodation Booked

Hotel Quality Crown Hotel - Paddington
144 Praed Street, Paddington, London, W2 1HU
Single Room - Check out time 10:30am

From Underground Travel to Paddington Station. Exit in Praed Street and you will see Garfunkel’s Restaurant across the road, which forms a part of the hotel. Cross the road and walk along Praed Street, past Garfunkel’s Restaurant and the hotel entrance is immediately on your left.

Training will be conducted at the hotel in the Sussex Suite - Reception will direct.

There will be a final dinner for all participants on the Friday night in Garfunkel’s Restaurant which is at the Hotel.

All meals from Wednesday dinner to Breakfast Saturday can be claimed via Head Office on form 42/5 - please retain receipts.

The Training Facilitator.

Ianto looked at the memo again, sighed and thought bloody London, I’m sure they picked the slowest train possible, it’s nearly an hour longer than the through train, both ways I have to change trains. I can’t even re book it myself. At least it’s not at Canary Wharf this year. That wasn’t the nicest experience last year.

He looked around the office, there were a few balloons left over from the going away/baby shower for this boss. He sighed and mumbled to himself. “Just when I get her fully trained up she goes get pregnant, and now she’s decided not to come back. Wonder if the maternity replacement is going to be offered the job full time, or will I have two new bosses in a year, hope not.”

After clearing up the last of the party debris, Ianto collected his coat and headed home. Tomorrow off to London.

Tuesday was a quiet day, Owen and Tosh were both off site and Gwen never bothered with him. He wasn’t a boss or head of department, so he wasn’t important enough. That suits me fine was Ianto’s thoughts on the matter. Gwen drove him spare. She was good at her job, when she did it. Owen and Tosh were hands on, mucking in with their people. Gwen supervised from the top and expected everyone to do it her way.

Ianto amused himself with wondering what the new boss was going to be like. All he knew was he was coming from the US branch. The UK branch had little contact with the States, so none of them knew anything about him. All they really knew was the name J Harkness, not even what the J stood for. Oh well Ianto thought, we will find out next week when the mysterious J Harkness arrives.

The train trip was uneventful but long. It was cold waiting at Bath Spa and Ianto was tired and really in need of a meal, bath and bed.

It was only a 2 minute walk to the hotel from the station, but Ianto was bone tired and just wanted to get to him room and have a shower. As he walked to the reception area there was a man there before him, arguing with the receptionist.

“I have been booked here, there is my conformation code, it is just not in my name because when it was booked they didn’t know if I would be able to make it, so they booked with the company name and they were suppose to change the booking over to my name. Surely the confirmation code is enough details. I have tried to contact the head office but the number I have is only going to the recorded message, which is not surprising at this time of night.” The man was looking even more tired than Ianto felt, the way he was talking to the receptionist made it sound like it was the third of fourth time he had explained the situation. Ianto looked at him and thought if he wasn’t in such a bad mood I wouldn’t mind getting to known him, he looks quite fine. Ianto like both men and woman, but he was not one for pursuing unknown people. It was, for him, more the person, not the gender.

He smiled to himself and watched the man. He was about the same height as Ianto, dark straight hair that was a bit floppy at the front, a’la Hugh Grant. He had blue eyes and a film star looks, right down to a cleft in his chin. There was something about him that drew Ianto to him. He listened to what was saying them said softly. “Are you with Torchwood?”

The man turned around to Ianto and gave him a big wide smile, it didn’t reach to his eyes but it was friendly. “Yes, are you one of the suckers on this courser?”

‘Yep I’m one of them, I’ve got the home number of one of the people in personnel, not the one who booked the rooms but she will probably be able to work it out for you.” Ianto extended his hand to shake hand, “Jones, Ianto Jones.”

“So please to met you Jones Ianto Jones, now lets get this mess organized.”

It only took 2 phone calls in the end to work it all out. And only moments for Ianto to be booked in as well. They both headed for the lift to go the 4th floor.

Jack looked Ianto up and down, thinking, This could be interesting, wonder if he plays for both sides or just my side?

They were alone in the lift, Jack though how can I get to spend some more time with this man, he is just so delicious, and the accent, oh that sends shivers up my spine.

Jack looked around the lift, to see if there was a stop button that he could casually press, and make it look like an accident. Ah there it is, now if I my bag slips off my shoulder I can lunge for it and accidentally miss and my hand can hit the..... BEEP BEEP BEEP, the lift shuddered to a stop. Jack looks at Ianto with a sheepish look on his face, “OPPS! I connected with the stop button. Sorry.” Jack gave Ianto his biggest grin.

Ianto looked at Jack “Shit, how long do you think we will be stuck?”

“Don’t know, but we can get to known each other a bit better, seems we are going to the same course.”

“Did you, You didn’t do that on purpose did you?”

“Well..... Lets make the most of this time together.” Jack moved closer to Ianto.

“You did, your coming on to me!” Ianto was not pleased, this Jack person looked interesting, but really, pressing the stop button.

Ianto shook his head, sighed and though, my day is long enough with out silly Yanks.

The contact phone rang, and Jack answered it with “Sorry, knocked the stop button in error, how long before you can get the lift going again, really, not any sooner, yeah I know it’s late, thanks”

“Well, how long?”

“About 20 minutes.”

“Great, my day just gets better.”

“Hey its not that bad, your in London, meeting new people.”

Ianto just looks at Jack, Jack got the message, Ianto is pissed off.

Ianto loosens his tie and sits on the floor.

“May as well make ourselves comfortable.” Ianto got out his ipod and put in the ear buds and pulled out a book from his bag.

Jack looks at him, well he thinks, he doesn't want to talk to me, not the best move you made Harkness.

Jack sits down as well opposite Ianto and just looks at him. Boy thinks Jack, he is very easy on the eyes, hope he is from Cardiff, but then again, just great, just pissed off one of my potential staff members. Oh well, that’s life.

After about 15 minutes the lift starts up, Jack offers his hand to Ianto as he gets up, he takes his hand as he is tired and stiff from sitting on the train for so long and from the floor. As his hand touches Jack he feels a tingle. Oh no, thinks Ianto, no it’s nothing, just some static thats all, nothing special with this guy.

Jack helps Ianto to his feet, he seems a bit stiff, guess he was correct in saying his day was long, but boy the man is wonderful, and that little tingle when our hand met, need to get on the right side of this man, there is potential, great potential.

They both exited the lift and headed down the hallway to their rooms. Great thought Ianto, next door to each other.

Jack waved good night and said “See you in the morning, bright and early for breakfast.”

Ianto groaned as he opened his door. When in and started to unpacked. But Ianto’s mind kept going back to the blue eyes of Jack. Get a grip man, he said to him self, he’s probably going to head back to the states after the training, and I am not letting myself get hurt again.

Ianto stripped off and went to have a shower. As he stood under the warm water his mind wandered back to those blue eyes. Other parts of him began to get interested. Ianto turned the water cooler and tried to think of other, less interesting things. “Shit, he is too appealing.” Ianto had to take things to hand himself.

Jack was having a similar problem. He wasn’t as tired as Ianto, even though he had flown over from the States. He had slept on the plane and was feeling very restless. He moved around the room, aimlessly, his mind kept going over the of the man from the lift, he works for Torchwood, and he knows the numbers of personnel in London, so he must be London staff, but if he is London staff, what is he doing staying over, he could stay at home. So he must be from either Cardiff or Scotland, and I don’t think that was a Scottish accent. He might be from Cardiff, hopefully I can get to known him better.

Jack sat on the bed, turned the TV and started flicking, but his mind kept going back to the blue eyes and the delightful accent. Jack realizes his pants are getting a bit tight in the front. Oh well, thinks Jack, will just have to deal with this myself.

A/N - I am new to writing and would like critiques please :)

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