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Characters: Jack, mentioned Ianto.

Summary: Jack and his thoughts.

Rated: 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, the songs, nothing. I’m not making money with this story. I like to write because I love to dream.

Note: This is my favorite song ever.




Jack was standing at the door of his office, staring at Ianto who was making coffee, his beloved Ianto. He began to remember the day he met him, how much Ianto had begged him to let him work in his team. Jack smiled "Ianto I don't know what you've got but it plays with my emotions I want you so much You were perfect in that suit, your beautiful ass was a temptation.  The only thing I wanted was to get in your pants. I remember how you managed to get me excited by just looking at you, especially when I said something that made you blush. Darling I want to hold you near want to whisper sweet and tender in your ear Can't stand the thought of you with somebody else Got to have your love got to have it all to myself I say yeah yeah yeah yeah Wanna be your lover lover uhmm You always replied "That's harassment, Sir". But I had decided it, you would be mine. I did not want to share you with anyone else. Somehow or other, you'd be my lover and I would be your loverboy. Wanna be your lover lover lover boy Lover lover yeah.

I looked at you and imagining you in my bed, as I made love to you while you squirmed and mewed with pleasure. I wanted to teach you many things. Too far gone it's hard to stop Baby you're my dream in motion and I won't give up. And the day came when you started to surrender at my progress. You started to make suggestions and puzzled me, Uhmm Teasing me with your fire until finally My finger's on the trigger Your the one I desire Cause I have this feeling feeling from nobody else Got to have your tenderness all to myself I say yeah yeah yeah yeah Wanna be your lover lover uhmm You were mine. We started this lusty adventure that could not wait for everyone to go to have sex, we sometimes had sex even with them here. Well, we still do. But something strange was happening to me little by little, all the desire and lust, it was becoming something else. You will become a part of my life, or rather, in my life. I started to gradually fall in love with you, your blue gray eyes, your juicy lips, your button nose, your cheeks flushed. You are my friend, my companion, my lover, my support. You gave stability and meaning to my life. You taught me back to believe in people and be a better human being. And I want you really but the thing is there's nothing I can say To stop you darling from running running away Won't you stay stay stay. That's when I decided I did not want anyone else in my life. I had traveled enough through the universe and all I want now is you with me, we make a home and that you never leave me, because you know I wanna be your love I gotta be your love I wanna be your love And I can't stand it baby uhm uhm... I love you, Ianto Jones, I really do”.




“Recuérdame amándote
mirándote a los ojos
atándome a tu vida
Recuérdame que mi alma fue tatuada en tu piel”.





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