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The New Boss - Chapter Two

Title: New Boss - 2/?
Rating: MA 15+

Fandom: Torchwood

Genre: AU/ Romance
Pairings: Jack /Ianto 

Spoilers None. AU but the names of the Episodes are mentioned

Summary: There is a new Boss for Torchwood Cardiff.

They begin to sound each other out

Words: this part - 2,603 So far - 4,367

Torchwood- Copyright BBC. 

Un-betaed so all mistakes are mine! - looking for a beta.

Italics are thoughts

Chapter Two

Breakfast over, with no sign of Jack, this is good, or is it thinks Ianto. I can’t believe I spent so much time last night thinking about him. Why is that. He is just going to go back to where he came from and I will be hurt. But I think I will be hurt no matter what.

He walks over to the reception, to get directions to the conference room they are using.

Ianto walks in and notices a coffee area at the rear of the room. He goes to make himself one, the beans don’t smell too burnt, so it wont be too bad, he thinks.

He sits down and waits for everyone else, being use to be the first at most meetings. While sipping the average coffee his mind wanders, again to Jack, what is it about him, It’s nothing I have felt before, this is freaky.

Ianto’s sitting at his place at the table, quietly reading through the notes for the training session. All but two others arrive. They are all sitting there chatting about work, the weather and the latest football scores.

They all look up when the session Facilitator arrives. Ianto is shocked to see Jack with her.

“Welcome to the training session today, but first I would like to introduce you to Jack Harkness, he comes from the US and will be taking over as the leader of the Cardiff Branch of Torchwood.”

Ianto just stared at Jack, He is going to be my boss and I’m his PA, oh this is going to be interesting, difficult, hard, no wait that’s me that’s hard, calm down Jones, how can the mere thought of being near him do that to me?

“Hi, I’m looking forward to meeting you all and to finding out which ones of you are from Cardiff. It will be nice to know someone prior to arriving, get some gossip, find out the best places for coffee, all the essentials.” Jack thought I hope ‘Jones Ianto Jones’ is one of the Cardiff staff, that would make my day.

“Probably the best way for us to start is if everyone introduces themselves, which branch they are from and a general run down of their position in the company. I’ll start, Hi I’m Jodie and I am the head of training with Torchwood. I’m based at London but do travel to all the branches as required. I enjoy the work, meeting everyone. I hope you all enjoy the course.” Jodie started them off, “next, how about John”

They got halfway round the room to Ianto’s turn. “Hello, my name is Ianto, I work at Cardiff and I am the PA for the Head of the Branch, so I’m going to be Mr Harkness’s PA. I enjoy the work as it is varied and I find satisfaction in organizing and planning.” Ianto sat down, I sounded silly, not the best way to make a good impression, he though.

Jack mentally went yah and in his mind did a happy dance around the room. Not only is Jones Ianto Jones at Cardiff, he is my PA, aren’t I the lucky one!

At the morning tea break Jack sidled up to Ianto, “Hello good to met you properly Mr Jones.”

“Please call me Ianto.”

“Only if you will call me Jack.”

“Don’t know if that would be appropriate, Sir.”

Jack shivered, Oh I could get so use to being called ‘sir’ by him.

“Please, Ianto, it’s Jack when it is informal, if you think any other honorific is appropriate, use it.”

Ianto smiled and turned towards the coffee, he grimaced slightly and Jack who was watching him intently ask “What’s wrong?”

“Coffee is burnt, they have used water that is too hot, scorching the beans, bringing out a bitter overtone, sorry, bit of a coffee freak.”

“That is fine by me, I love a good cup.”

“I’ll make you one of my specials when we get back to the office.”

“Looking forward to that. Now Ianto, can I join you at lunch, I’d like to find out a bit about the Cardiff office, and I would like to get some background on the main staff, so I have a heads up, if that is okay with you?”

“Certainly, I’ve nothing planed.”

“Great, lunch it is.”

Tea break was over and they settled down for the remaining sessions before lunch. It was mainly background information, where the company was heading, planning and other ‘housekeeping’ information. Ianto took notes, happy that his shorthand was so second nature that he was able to split his concentration between what was being said and looking at Jack.

I better be careful around him, he is so appealing and a work place affair is not a good idea, thought Ianto.

Jack was sitting there listening to what was being said but it wasn't registering with him. He was thinking about Ianto, He is so beautiful, those eyes, I will have to be careful, he is such a temptation. Wonder if he likes me, oh I sound like a high school girl with her first crush, get it together Harkness.

Lunch was finally called and Jack asked Ianto “Do you want to eat in the restaurant here, go out somewhere or order room service?”

“I don’t think we would have time to go outside the hotel, everyone else is going to either the restaurant or the coffee shop, and since you want me to gossip about the Cardiff branch, It is possibly not a good idea to do that were other can hear, so room service.”

Ianto though I can’t believe I just suggested lunch in one of our rooms - Ianto shook his head at the thought of him and Jack in a room with a bed, Boy that is tempting.

Jack looked at Ianto, his eyes lost focus for a moment, Ianto and I in a room with a bed by ourselves, for an hour. He pulled him self back from his fantasy and replied “Yeah possibly the best idea, if you don’t mind, your place or mine?”

“Which of us would have the larger room, your management, and I am only a worker.”

“Well I’m right next door to you, so why don’t we go and compare.”

The two of them went up to their rooms and it seemed that Jack did have a slightly larger room, he had a smallish alcove with a round table that had three seats. They sat down and perused the room-service menu.

“Anything you fancy......from the menu?” leered Jack.

“You trying to come onto me?” queried Ianto.

Jack looked at Ianto, trying to work out if he had offended Ianto, I am getting vibes off him, but not clear, yes, you are hot, I want you, vibes, or, just your nice, maybe, vibes.

“I’m going to have the Chicken Caesar salad, what about you?” Jack ignored Ianto’s question and tried to work out his new PA. He is hot, that accent, those eyes, I could get lost in them. He is a great all round package, just my type, am I his type, does he like men, will he like me. Or should I not try, I’m gonna be his boss, it could make work complicated, but I’ve done complicated before, what with Jo....

“Earth to Jack, you with me, you seem to have gone off in a dream.”

“Sorry Ianto, now, what was it you wanted?”

“I’ll have the same, and a cola drink.”

“Okay I’ll order, think about how you are going to describe the staff to me while I just phone room service.”

While Jack ordered, Ianto thought over in his mind how he would describe the people at Torchwood 3.

Jack returned to the table. “Will be about 15 minutes for lunch, now staff?”

“Well, your main concerns will be the department heads, there are 3 sections you manage, Medical, Technical and Security. The areas are developing software and devices in each area. There have been some fantastic results, remember the world press about the medical device that allows HIV testing to be done in the field without labs?”

“Yeah, was that a Torchwood device?”

“Yep, a pet project between the tech and medical, they sometimes work together very well, other times it a bit like keeping the peace in a school playground.”

“Sounds fun.” deadpanned Jack.

“Yep and it’s your job to keep them in check and in line.”

Jack groaned and Ianto continued with his descriptions.

“Owen Harper, Londoner, sarcastic, very prickly. He’s a doctor who has no bedside manner and hates patients. When we have new people they think he will cure their colds, hangovers etc but usually they leave his area in tears, even the butch men. He really has a mouth on him, but saying that, it was his desire to help that got the tester going, he worked like a dog, and succeed, though a few of his staff nearly burned out. He’s not good if you tell him no, but challenge him by saying he isn’t able to do it, and by god, he usually succeed. There are 4 technicians, 2 lab assistants and one junior doctor under him. They love and hate him in equal amounts.”

“So challenge him but take no shit from him.”

“That what I do and it seems to work, along with copious amounts of coffee.” smiled Ianto

“Tosh, Toshiko Sato, she is our tech wizard, she can reverse engineer anything, but she doesn't need to as she is just brilliant. Her discoveries are amazing and she is able to take partly completed information or even projects that don’t work and make them work. She is a quiet person, but has a delicious sense of humor, but if you annoy her, watch out, her heels are dangerous. She could take over the world. Tosh has a staff of 4, they don’t mind being called Tosh’s Geeks, they love her, are very protective and will do anything for her.”

“Sounds like you really like Tosh.”

Ianto nodded and continued on with his descriptions

“Gwen is new, and I don’t have much of a handle on her yet. She use to work for the Heddlu as a WPC, and was involved in a case we had dealing with and she sort of became a member of the team. She does know her stuff, but she can be a bit overpowering. She has 4 staff as well, but they haven’t bonded to her like Owen and Tosh’s staff have.”

“Um what Heddlu and WPC, they are terms I haven’t heard before?” queried Jack

“Sorry, Heddlu is Welsh for Police and WPC stands for Woman Police Constable.”

“So the stories about the Welsh being a bit anti British is true?”

“There are some topics that shouldn’t be spoken of. Churchill is not the best place to start, and sheep jokes don’t go down well. We Welsh can be a bit nationalistic, but no more than the English.”

“I don’t really get it. I’ve in the few days I’ve been here and others talking to me when I said I was coming here have refereed to Great Britain, England, British Isles, Britain, what is correct?”

“Well, The United Kingdom is the correct way to describe the place as a whole. It is a country of countries. England, Scotland, Northern Island and the best bit, Wales. You wouldn’t call me British, you would call me Welsh and people from Scotland, Scottish, England, English and Northern Ireland, Northern Irish. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have separate and independent parliaments that can comment and pass or bypass laws etc.. England can’t. The English call the rest of us Sheep Shaggers and we just don’t like them as a whole.”

“So no sheep jokes?”

“Especially in the pub, or you will end up quite hurt.”

Ianto continued, “There are many other bits involved like Commonwealth Countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and I think it is 12 other counties. They use to be parts of the British Empire but are now separate and independent but kept ties with the Crown and the United Kingdom. There is also the Crown Dependancies, three island off the mainlands and not part of the United Kingdom but part of The Crown, which is the Queen and the Monarchy that have been running this place for about 1000 years. The last part is the British Overseas Territories, places like the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, and lots of other small places around the globe that are part of The Crown. So the place is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but if you refer to the whole as the United Kingdom and when in Wales call it Wales, and us in it as Welsh, you should survive the pub.”

“Is there anything you don’t know Ianto?”

“No, try not to have gaps in my knowledge. Now Jack this bit is gossip, but it will help you with the dynamics of the office, that is the only reason why I am telling you. Owen lost his fiance to an incurable disease of the brain, very sudden and quite destroying to him, he doesn't like working with people any more and the pure science and research side of this job is helping him to heal. Tosh has a crush on Owen, but Owen hasn’t really noticed her, he has eyes for all the new birds that turn up and is obvious to Tosh. He has his eyes on Gwen, who has a boyfriend but, loves the attention and is a very big flirt. She seems to believe every male has the hots for her and loves that attention. Gwen in not subtle.”

“She tried it on with you?”

“No she didn’t, I think she thinks I am not worth her effort as I am only a PA and not a boss or department head.”

Jack thought, her loss, my gain, I think this man is very interesting and very smart, gorgeous to look at and that accent is to die for.

“The head of site security is Andy. You usually see him on the front desk. He likes to be there so he can see everyone and keep a handle on what is going on. Andy is a good friend of mine, he’s a good bloke. Don’t underestimate him. He is studying a quite advanced degree in physics and so many just write him off cos he looks harmless, but he is working full time, studying full time and still has a social life. We go to the pub often and his if funny and is still getting HD’s in his degree.”

“Why Mr Jones, very protective of him, is he special to you?” Hope not thought Jack, I would like to get to known Ianto Jones better myself.

“Heavens No Jack, Andy is the straightest person I have every met. I would never be able to get him into my bed.” Shit, that came out wrong. Looking at Jack makes me want to get him into my bed. Not the best move Jones, he may not be that way inclined, but I guess I’m hoping he is. Shouldn’t think about my boss that way, but he is gorgeous and I usually don’t feel this way about guys. They have to be special for me to fall for them. Why does it have to be my boss.

The rest of the meal passed in general conversation, both men eyeing up and enjoying the company of the other, both wondering what they could be to each other.

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