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 Author: zorell
Rating: pg
Characters:Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen.                                                                                                              
Summary: The team have returned from Splott.                                                         
Disclaimer:   Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD

Story starts here: http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/5294840.html#cutid1 

previous chapter: http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/5303357.html#cutid1


A/N: Really worried about this chapter. After such positive comments to other chapters I started thinking I should change the story, but have been given confidence and decided to stick with my original idea, so  ---                  Warning: Character death  -  trust me please!



Chapter 3.

 “ Captain Jennings and his team will bring the alien remains here once they finish the clean up.” Martha said as she entered the Hub.

 “ Captain Jennings ?” queried Gwen who was sitting at her work station.

“ UNIT, - called in a favour. Didn’t think anyone would be up to, nor want to, have to deal with the clean up considering.”

 “ Thanks.” It was Tosh, her quiet, still shocked, voice barely reaching Martha.

 “ Least I could do.” Martha felt inadequate. “Where’s Jack ?”

 “ Autopsy bay.” Tosh motioned towards Owens domain.

 Martha stood for a moment leaning against the railings. The sight before her broke her heart.

 Jack was sitting next to the autopsy table, his shoulders hunched, the fingers of one hand running gently through short dark hair, the other clasping tightly to the lifeless hand of his lover.

 “ He hasn’t let anyone else near him.” Owen’s strained voice startled Martha. He motioned to the bowl of water and cloth he was carrying. “ I’m hoping he’ll let me...” his voice trailed off .

 “ You..We did all we could.” Martha wasn’t sure who she was trying to reassure most. “ He didn’t stand a chance.”

 Ianto hadn’t stood a chance once the alien had lashed out, and caught him with the six inch claws, while he had been saving Gwen from being attacked.

 “ Doesn’t make it any easier. There should have been something...” Owens voice trailed off as Martha put a comforting hand on his arm.

 “ Has he spoken to anyone ?”

 “ Nothing, except to say he wanted to be alone with him.” Owen paused before continuing, “ There’s things that need doing.”

 “ You are not cutting him open.” A firm but broken voice came from beside the autopsy table.

 Owen and Martha moved down towards Jack.

 “ I wasn’t going to.” Owen told Jack. Even though he should do an autopsy to confirm cause of death, Owen was not about to do one on his friend, for that’s what Ianto was despite all the sniping and sarcastic comments between the two of them, he and ‘Tea-boy’ had been friends. “ But, ” Owen continued, taking a calming breath, “ he needs to be cleaned up and moved to the vaults.”

 “ I’ll do it.”

 “ Let one of us help you.” Martha went to put her hand on Jack’s shoulder but he moved away from her touch.

“ No.”

 “ Jack.”

“ Just leave us......please.” Jack was fighting to keep his voice even.

 “ Call if you need anything,” it was Owens concerned voice this time, “ we’ll just be in the hub.”

 Martha and Owen left the autopsy bay and as they did Jack finally broke down, openly sobbing at the loss of the one person he truly loved, his soul mate. Martha and Owen looked at each other, both knew there was nothing they could do or say that could fix the broken Captain.


 Jack had cleaned up Ianto’s body and changed him into the mandatory scrubs that all bodies in the vaults wore. With Owen’s help, Ianto’s body had been moved to the vaults and each of them had said their good-byes. Owen supported a distressed Tosh back up towards the main part of the Hub. Gwen tried to wrap her arms around Jack to console him, but was totally rebuffed and was motioned to leave by Martha, who simply put her hand on Jack’s arm as she passed the devastated Captain on her way out.

 As Martha entered the main part of the Hub Gwen turned on her.

 “ What gives you the right, stopping me from comforting Jack ?” Gwen was fuming.

 “ Jack doesn’t want you. He pulled away from you in case you didn’t notice.” Martha’s voice was surprisingly calm.

 “ He needs me !”

 “ No. He doesn’t need you, he never has.” It was Tosh, her quiet, shaky voice in total contrast to Gwen’s. “ It’s only ever been Ianto. He’s the one that Jack needs, he’s the one that keeps Jack grounded, makes him feel alive and ‘human’, he’s the one Jack loves.” Tosh’s voice was barely audible as she spoke the last word.

Gwen was having none of it. “Love ! Ha... he doesn’t love him. Ianto was nothing more than a part time shag !  Jack told me the thought of coming back to ME kept him fighting when he was away.”

 “ It wasn’t you exactly, but what you have, what you represent, a normal life – boyfriend, family, a life away from Torchwood.”

“ Tosh is right. Jack kept fighting for the human way of life, for ‘normality’. When he chose to come back here it was the thought of Ianto, of being with him that made Jack turn down the chance to continue travelling.” Martha backed up what Tosh had said.

 “ We have a connection.” Gwen wasn’t accepting the truth. “ It’s me he needs, me he...”

 “ Get over yourself Gwen !” Owen had just about had enough of her delusional ranting, but as he was just about to continue there was an incoming call. Captain Jennings and his team had arrived with the alien bodies.


 Martha had offered to help Owen with the alien autopsies. Torchwoods Doctor had thanked her for the offer but had said he would rather do them on his own, and so now Owen was down in the autopsy bay taking out his anger and grief on the body of the alien that had caused it.

 Martha looked around the Hub at the others.

 Tosh was immersing herself in work, tapping away at her keyboard, tear-filled eyes scanning her monitors, trying to deal with the loss of her best friend in the only way she knew.

 Gwen was sitting at her workstation still visibly angry with the others for what had been said and for stopping her from being with Jack. There seemed little if no concern at the loss of her team mate.

 Martha herself was at another workstation. She turned her attention from viewing the others to the CCTV feed from the vaults. Martha wanted to keep an eye on Jack who was still by Ianto’s side at the open vault draw. She didn’t want to intrude in his grief, but she was very concerned for her friend. The young woman watched as Jack seemed to be talking to his lifeless lover, while gently caressing his pale face and running his fingers through Ianto’s hair. Martha wanted to help her friend, but had no idea what to do. Then a thought crossed her mind – The Doctor. Taking her mobile from her pocket Martha was about to call the Time Lord, then wondered just what he could do. He would no doubt mention timelines etc and say there was nothing he could do, sighing Martha looked back at the monitor. She watched as Jack reached into his trouser pocket and produced a small box. Martha silently gasped as she watched her friend take a ring from the box and slip it onto Ianto’s ring finger, then leant over and placed a tender kiss on his lover’s lips.

 “ Oh Jack.” Martha sighed sadly to herself. She looked at her mobile in her hand and speed dialled contact one.
" Doctor ?"

“ Martha ...oh...a...hello... sorry not the best time...” The Doctor sounded a little out of breath.

“ Oy space boy, move that skinny arse of yours, they’re catching up with us,” a woman’s voice could be heard in the background.

“ I’ll call you back Martha.” With that the call ended. 

next chapter: http://jackxianto.livejournal.com/5324698.html#cutid1


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