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Your Opinions, much appreciated!

I'm putting down ideas for a story and I'm asking for your opinions.

Mods if this is inappropriate please feel free to delete this. But just to let you know, it is for a JANTO fic.

Between these two descriptions which do you think best describes Ianto.


Skilled and ingenious, cunning, a new world and creative process opening up, look in between yourself and others (physically, mentally, spiritually), teaches gentleness, swiftness and persistence, courage, power of observation, good eating habits and taking care of health concerns, shift awareness to feminine energies for balance. Fox can teach you how to walk in both worlds and in between since he is the master of camouflage and shape-shifting and walking the spaces in between. Are you in harmony with your surroundings? Blending in with others? It is a time to be careful and discriminating, aware of your communication abilities, and to be alert to your surroundings. Fox teaches how to be still and silent and all the qualities of patience.


Silent, inconspicuous, strong intuitive abilities (inner instincts), overcoming haunts of the past, renewal of vision, helps in strength of inner demons, leaps about to be made spiritually, mentally and physically. Aids in overall sensitivities, communication abilities and movement in dream world and the unconscious realms. Are you listening carefully of the world within and around you? Leopard teaches the nuance of hearing your heart and intuitions and when and how to react.

both from:


P.S: If you'd like, make a list on what you think best describes each tw/dw character from the website above.


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