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The New Boss - Chapter Four

Title: New Boss - 4/?
Rating: MA 15+ 

Fandom: Torchwood

Genre: AU/ Romance
Pairings: Jack /Ianto 

Spoilers: None. AU but the names of the Episodes are mentioned

Summary: There is a new Boss for Torchwood Cardiff.


Words: this part 2,132 - So far - 8,022

Torchwood- Copyright BBC.

Un-betaed so all mistakes are mine!

Italics are thoughts

a/n - I have realized that the rating I have used is Australian, this is how they work G - General - everyone PG - Parental Guidance Recommended, M - Recommended for Mature Audiences, MA 15+ Not suitable for under 15 - R 18+ - Restricted to 18 and over in age, X 18+ Restricted - these are the porno’s - you can’t buy, rent in the states but the territories you can and the last rating is RC - refused classification. Hope that helps

Chapter 4

After dinner a group of about 5 of them, including Jack and Ianto decided to try the London nightlife. Peta, who worked for London said she knew a few good clubs.

The first one was nice but not Ianto’s favorite sort of music, it was more for the over 30’s and the majority of people there were well over 30. Jack danced with Peta and with a few other random females. Ianto sat at the
bar and watched him. I would like to dance with him, but this isn’t that sort of place, thought Ianto.

The group went to the next club, it was more modern with a much younger crowd. This time Ianto was the one who danced and Jack lent against the bar, watching him. Jack found that he was fending off lots of interested people, both men and women. He would usually enjoy the attention, but he was having too much fun watching Ianto.

Peta had been dancing with Ianto, who was talking dance music with her.

“There is another club I could suggest” she said, “but it depends on how open minded you are.” The others in the group looked at her, waiting for her to explain. “It’s a gay club, well more GLBT, so there are guys dancing with guys, girls dancing with girls, girls dancing with girls dancing with boys who are dancing with boys and the whole range of combinations. If you haven’t a problem with that it’s a really good club.”

One of the guys decided it wasn’t for him so it left the four of them, Peta, Ianto, Jack and Georgie to head over to the last club.

Ianto thought the music was fantastic, fun and bouncy with the right number of people on the dance floor, enough. “Hey this is great.” he said to Peta.

Jack looked around, wow this is great he thought, I might be able to get to dance with Ianto.

Ianto had a similar thought.

They all danced and drank and danced some more.

At nearly 1am Ianto decided he need to make a move back to the hotel, as he had a 10am train, and hadn’t packed yet. He went over to Jack who was chatting with a girl, who when Ianto looked at her, thought it possibly wasn’t a girl, he thought he saw a bit of a adams apple so she was possibly a he, he really couldn’t tell.

“Jack, I’m gonna head back to the hotel, the others have gone and I wondered if you wanted to share a taxi?”

“Yeah, I’ll come with you.” Jack turned to the person he was talking to, “Nice to met you, best of luck with it all.” Jack gave her a kiss on the cheek and followed Ianto out to the road.

“Did you have fun tonight?” asked Jack, he was looking at Ianto as they walk towards the taxi rank that was just up the street.

“Yeah I did, the music was good and I enjoy dancing. The last place was the best, enough people so you don’t feel a fool dancing, but not so crowded you are afraid to dance and run into people.” But unfortunately I didn't get to dance with you, he thought.

“Never thought of it that way, I was enjoying the music and the dancing, saw you dancing with a range of people.” I would so like to ask you what your preferences are but, it could be complicated, Jack thought.

Little did he know that Ianto was having similar thoughts, wondering if Jack liked guys, girls or both.

The both realized they were a little tipsy when they both went to open the taxi door and burst into giggles. “I think I’m a bit tipsy.” said Ianto. “Me too.” replied Jack.

As they settled in the back of the taxi Ianto looked at Jack, just staring at his mouth, Wow, what wonderful lips, wonder what they will feel like to kiss, and do other thinks with.

Jack was just as bad, he was staring at Ianto’s hands, looking at the long fingers, and imagining them on parts of his body. They just sat in the back of the taxi, the driver cleared his throat, waiting for directions. Nothing happened, he then turned around, and sighed, they were lost looking at each other, Oh young love he thought, but this isn’t gonna get them to where they need to go, “Okay gentlemen”, no response, a little louder “Gentlemen, were to?”

Ianto blinked and looked away, and turned towards the driver, “The Quality Crown Hotel in Paddington, please.” he turned straight back to Jack.

The driver shook his head and drove off, To be that wrapped up in someone, brings back memories.

The trip from Charring Cross was only 20 minutes, but in that time the two men hadn’t said a word, just stared at each other. It was the driver who broke the spell. “Okay gents, were here, that will be £20.” Jack came to his senses paid the driver and grabbed Ianto’s hand and pulled him out of the taxi. Ianto missed his footing and Jack grabbed him just before he fell, arms around him as he hauled him to his feet. Ianto giggled, then stopped and stared at Jack. Jack just stared at him, holding him tight. He then heard a wolf whistle from down the street, and let him go. I don’t want to let you go, thought Jack, as he unwound his arms from Ianto’s waist. Is that a growl, he thought, oh that is one sexy sound, no don’t go there Harkness, you are his boss, not the time or the place. Ianto growled at the loss of Jack’s arms around him. That was just ... right, he thought, don’t want him to let me go.

They untangled from each other and walked towards the hotel entrance. Ianto looked at Jack, sighed and said, “I had fun Jack, thanks for the lift back.”

“That’s okay, need to look out for you, your the only person I known in Cardiff.”

“Oh, Okay” said Ianto.

They got the elevator up to there floor and wished each other good night and went into their separate rooms.

Shit shit shit, thought Ianto, he’s only being nice to me cos I’m the only person he knows, when he gets to know others, I’ll probably drop of his radar. Ianto dropped down on his bed, not even bothering to get changed and rolled over, depressed.

Jack stood in his room, looking round, Wish Ianto was here, I really want to get to known him better. He went and sat down at the table in the alcove. He thought about Ianto, how he was so different tonight, dancing, it was fun and something we will have to do again. Jack imagined dancing with Ianto, holding him close, possibly with their shirts off, chest pressed together, moving to the music, Okay, he thought, time for a cold shower.

The next morning both men were a bit subdued. Ianto was embarrassed about landing in Jack’s arms and Jack was worried he was dreaming about a person who wasn’t interested in him.

As they checked out they realized they were booked onto the same train to Cardiff. So they headed off together.

“Is anyone meeting you off the train?” asked Jack.

“Andy is, he said he would drive me back to my house, so I didn’t have to worry about parking my car at the station.” replied Ianto. “Where are you staying, Andy offered to take me out for lunch, so I can catch up on what happened whilst I was away, Andy knows all the gossip, and I’m sure he would like to met the new boss and he’ll drop you off at your hotel.”

“You sure he won’t mind, he won’t want time alone with you.” queried Jack, I hope he is only a friend and not more.

“Nup, he wont mind, he’s a good friend and his girlfriend is currently in Australia, so his time off, is his alone.” Well, Jones, that wasn’t subtle, am I reading him right, is he wondering if Andy and I were together?

Jack gave Ianto a big smile and said “Great, I’ll take you on the offer, but only if I can get you a drink for your efforts, and to thank Andy as well.”

“Andy will enjoy that.”

The train trip was quiet, Jack had emails he had to review and Ianto was reading. Every now and again one would look at the other, gazing at the other, wondering what the other was thinking. Neither man realized the other man was having similar thoughts. If there was anything to this feelings, is it possible, being boss and PA, if they wanted a relationship. The way the thoughts were so similar would have amused both men if they had realized it.

They finally arrived in Cardiff and Andy was waiting on the platform for them, he helped with the luggage and they decided to first drop off Jacks bags at his hotel, as he had quite a few bags.

“Okay, I’d like to take you out for dinner as a thank you, it’s a bit early, so how about a drink at one of the nice looking pubs out there?” Jack asked the others two as they walked out of the hotel.

“Sounds like a plan, I know a good pub around the corner, they have black brains on tap.” replied Andy.

Jack stopped and looked puzzled by that statement.

Both Andy and Ianto laughed at Jack’s face.

“Jack, brains is a brand of beer, black is a brew, it’s like Guinness, thick black and very strong.” laughed Ianto, “You have to be careful of it, it’s very strong.”

“I’ll have to give it a try, up for getting to know the local ways and means.” replied Jack.

Andy and Ianto looked at each other and laughed and shook their heads.


Ianto and Andy sat on the end of Jack’s bed, giggling trying to hold each other up.

Andy passed out and fell back on the bed, and began to snore.

Ianto cheered and watched Jack and he did a little dance and started to do a strip tease. Ianto, through his foggy brain worked out what Jack was doing and started to sing the strippers song, “da da dah, de dah..” but realized he wasn’t getting the tune and he wanted to concentrate on the scene in front of him. Jack didn’t seem to notice the music Ianto was providing had stopped and continued to strip, hearing the music in his head. Ianto was mesmerized. God, he is beautiful, what a wonderful face, neck, oh look the shirt is coming off. Oh I want to lick that chest, nuzzle those nipples. Ianto Giggled “Hey no laughing, I’m concentraaatttt, some ... think, don’t laugh” Jack slurred and laughed himself.

Ianto waved his hand as if to say continue and slowly slide sideways away from where Andy was lying, so he was reclining on one side of the king bed. Jack continued and Ianto continued in his mind what he wanted to do with each body part as it came into view. Jack tugged at his belt, forgetting to undo it, as he became frustrated, Ianto leaned forward and undid it for him. “Ta” said Jack, leaning in and kissing Ianto, he stepped back and pulled the belt out with a flourish and threw it across the room, collecting the coffee cups on the table and sending them skidding onto the floor. He put his hand over his mouth and giggled.

Ianto watched fascinated as Jack turned around and waved his bum at him. Jack slowly undid his trousers and dropped his pants, shaking his bum the whole time. Ianto’s eyes widen when he noticed that it was a bare bum he was staring at. “Commando, I like a man who goes commando.” mused Ianto as he bent forward and bit lightly and the ass cheek that was closes to him. Ianto laughed rubbed the bite mark and lay back on the bed.

Jack jumped at the bite on his bum. He turned suddenly, the sudden movement making his alcohol addled brain spin. Jack stopped faced the bed and passed out, landing on the bed.

All three lay on the bed, snoring.

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